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Colfax reviews $1.13 million budget for 2015

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX  — The Colfax Village Board has reviewed a $1.13 million budget for 2015 that will be presented at the public hearing for the budget December 11.

The village board reviewed the proposed budget for 2015 at a meeting held November 19.

The proposed budget for 2015 of $1,130,979 is $1.15 million less than the actual budget for 2013 and is $46,324 less than the 2014 budget.

The total tax amount for the proposed 2015 budget is $632,836, compared to $648,822 for 2014, representing a $15,986 decrease over last year.

Total taxes include general property taxes, property taxes for debt service, property taxes for the library, property taxes for Tax Increment Districts 3 and 4, the payment in lieu of taxes from the Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center, and the payment in lieu of taxes from the water utility.

State transportation aids for 2015 will be $55,657, representing a $3,756 decrease over last year, or a 6.32 percent decrease.

The aid from Dunn County for the Colfax Public Library will increase by 10.5 percent, from $67,056 in 2014 to $74,100 for 2015, representing a $7,044 increase.

The proposed 2015 revenue budget includes a principal payment from Colfax Prairie Homes of $4,352 and an interest payment from Colfax Prairie Homes of $3,534 as well as a payment of $6,362 from the Colfax Rescue Squad toward the remodeling of the east end of the Department of Public Works building to house the rescue squad.

Increases for the 2015 budget include $16,468 more for administration; $1,750 more for the village hall; $915 more for fire protection; $12,913 more for streets; $980 more for the cemetery; $2,804 more for the library; and $1,095 more for parks.

Decreases for the 2015 budget include $2,575 less for the village board; $5,923 less for the police department; $4,500 less for street lighting; $1,416 less for solid waste; $5,275 less for recycling; and $1,000 less for economic development.


Included with the proposed 2015 budget is a listing of the balances in restricted accounts.

“Restricted” means the fund balances can only be spent on that particular item.

Here are the restricted fund balances that include 2014 allocations:

• Clerk-treasurer equipment: $11,781.

• Generator: $10,304.

• Police squad car: $7,350.

• Animal shelter: $1,854.

• Street equipment: $76,726.

• Park mower: $16,919.

• Park equipment: $14,027.

• Park tables: $6,182.

• Park playground: $19,314.

• Cemetery equipment: $3,091.

• Cemetery: $1,863.

• Library: $8,674.

• Street improvements: $244,705.

• Holiday decorations: $3,229.

• Village hall improvements: $165,279.