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Colfax Health and Rehab – 11-5-2014

The North wind blew in some very nice weather this week. Sunday started out very cool and ended up very nice. Yard cleanup around town was in full force all afternoon. The week ahead promised to be above average until Tuesday when the temp didn’t make it past 49.

On Monday white puffy clouds and sunny skies greeted the residents as they got up and went to the dining rooms for some delicious breakfast. Breakfast is the favorite meal for most residents. Residents meander down to the dining room whenever they wish and order their breakfast cooked the way they want it. For the ladies the best part of that is not doing the dishes! Devotions and current events and a bit of exercise are available at 10 a.m. on Monday and Tuesday mornings. After dinner there is a more formal REX class at 1 p.m. every day. By the time 2 o’clock rolled around the Square was filled with people ready to decorate cookies and make some scary spiders to decorate their room. Coffee, cookies and socializing in the Square with friends before going to supper is a regular event every day. At 6 p.m. the Kick Ball/bounce ball players go to the rotunda and wear off a little energy before retiring for the night.

On Tuesday afternoon the Colfax Kindergarten children (60 of them) came to perform their creepy, spooky charming Halloween songs. Some wore costumes, some did not but all were as cute and entertaining as can be. Following their performance the square became a bingo hall. Every table was filled with residents and friends who came to see the children and stayed to play bingo. Linnea, Veda, Eileen, Violet and Vonnie were here and helped where needed.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Schoenknecht from Holden, Norton, Running Valley Lutheran churches led the service. Delores Huber was our pianist. Linnea and Veda and Violet were here to help where needed. Wednesday afternoon we had Beauty Boutique. Spooky Halloween colors were chosen by many residents.

On Thursday morning residents played volleyball. Veda had them getting more exercise than they realized. Thursday afternoon we had resident council and all the Halloween costumes were shown to the residents that wanted to dress up on Halloween.

The volunteers that come every Friday for gospel sing arrived and Glen Ekberg was dressed like Cornel Sanders carrying a rubber chicken hanging out of the KFC bucket. Glen has white hair and a white mustache so he looked very cool! The costumes were over the top and the residents loved them as they arrived in the Square for the Halloween dance in the afternoon. “Honey and Me” were the entertainers. Staff and residents dance the afternoon away. The children that came for Tricks or Treat in the later afternoon were greeted by resident with bowls of candy.

Many very cool things happened this week. The Colfax Library donated more large print books. Magazines and beanies were also donated by several thoughtful people in the community. Another visit by Leona Ubbelohde was much appreciated as well. Residents asked if we would let all of them know how much the donations are appreciated. The volunteers like Merle on the weekend, Eileen Stokke, Mary Biesterveld and Lee Ann Mayner helped make this a completely entertaining week.

Don’t forget the deadline for the Love Lights is November 28th. Look for the Love Lights form in the Messenger. Or stop in and fill out one at the front desk with Karen. That is just a tiny little bit of the news here in the land of Colfax where most of the leaves have fallen and what doesn’t get raked up will be covered by snow so we have no worries!