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More people identified in “Looking Through the Lens”

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Identifying all of the people in hundreds of pictures would be a daunting task.

Still, Troy Knutson did a more than admirable job of identifying people and places in the book he published for the Colfax Sesquicentennial — “Looking Through the Lens: Colfax History Through Pictures.”

But, as it should be expected, not all of the people in all of the pictures were identified.

After the first copies of the book had been sold, people began to contact Knutson with additional information.

So, when Knutson ordered a second print run of the book, he added names and spelling corrections.

The first time around, Knutson ordered 500 copies of the book. The second time, he ordered 200 copies.

Out of those 700 copies, only 60 or 70 are left.

And here’s the rub.

“I do not plan on ordering more. Not unless there is a huge demand,” Knutson said.

A “huge demand,” for cost effectiveness, would be 50 to 100 additional books, he said.

“If anyone is planning on giving a book for Christmas, now would be the time. Do not wait until the month of December because there may not be any left,” Knutson said.

And, Knutson said, if there should happen to be enough demand to order another print run, he cannot guarantee that he would have the books before Christmas.

Copies of Knutson’s book are available at Express Mart, the Colfax Messenger, Kyle’s Market, Colfax Arts and Antique Mall or from Troy Knutson.

You can call Troy at (715) 962-3027 or e-mail him at


If you have a copy of “Looking Through the Lens” and want to make corrections, here they are:

• Page 112: back row, left to right, Nick Bergeson, Henry S. Larson, Ingram Israels. Front row, left to right, Gust Knoepke, Kenneth W. Hones, Pete Berg, John Farner.

• Page 113: Bergeron should Bergeson. Knopke should Knoepke.

• Page 141: Hanson should be Hansen.

• Page 128: far left is William Johnson.

• Page 153: Kraus should be Krause.

• Page 158: Mortinson should be Mortenson.

• Page 330: Braeton should be Braaten.

• Page 400: Wintzig should be Witzig (top left caption). Newman should be Neumann. Juno should Juneau. Tilison should be Tillison (bottom right caption).

• Page 487: LaVerne should be Vernoid. Terry should be Tarry.

• Page 551: Add to the caption: Above is Jeanette Hansen sorting clothes and at right in the front is Doris Dunbar.

• Page 561: the two ladies under the General Store sign are Valborg Kressin on the left and Adele Puhl on the right.

• Page 562: Top right caption should read: At left, from left to right, are Jo Iverson, Mona and Larry Kochendorfer.

• Page 570: Add to caption in top left corner of the page: Pictured at right are Elaine and John Hammer.

• Page 619: Jerry Busse should be Gordon Busse.