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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-15-2014

What is your favorite season? Half of our residents said they liked fall because of the multi-colored leaves and vigorous crisp air. The other half said it was their least favorite season. They know that winter weather is forging ahead which was proven by the hard frost this week. It didn’t hurt the mums in the courtyard. The colors are still brilliant and enjoyed by all. Saturday evening we had another of our favorite things “A Saturday Night Special”. Jim Herrick and Friends had the Square rocking and residents are still talking about how much fun they had. Our musicians commonly entertain during the week so a weekend concert is a treat.

 Sunday of course was resident’s day of rest. Mass and Church were broadcast on the TV in the Square. Friends and family members visited all day. The REX Classes and Bounce Ball were well attended all week end. Monday morning residents had devotions, went over current events and had a stretching exercise session. The afternoon program was entertainment by Rich Schroeder. His music is another of our favorite things to listen to. Bingo and Happy hour were Tuesday afternoon’s programs. Bingo is certainly one of our resident’s favorite things. Wednesday morning one of our favorite ministers Pastor DeMaris led the church service and Deloris Huber was our pianist. She was also our pianist on Friday at our regular Gospel sing in the morning. Glen and Julie led the sing. Several residents choose their favorite hymns. Volleyballs are another of our favorite pastimes. Thursday morning the lines faced off and the balls bounced hither, tither and yon. The laughter was just as much fun as the game.

The Church Ladies from Holton Church were here on Friday for our monthly birthday bingo games. We are so blessed by all the people who come and help our residents. One volunteer said she gets more enjoyment helping than she gives. These volunteers become part of our extended family and we can’t do without them. We are working hard to keep our web site updated. The 4th Quarter newsletter, pictures, receipts and much more are available. Go to and check us out. These are a few of our favorite things here in the land of Colfax where the warm hearts of everyone in the community helps to take edge off the brisk weather.