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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-8-2014

Fall is such a wonderful time. One day this week we enjoyed 80 degrees. Later in the week we enjoyed 40 degrees with threats of snow. Maybe that is why many people saw two moose ambling along the road just north of us on highway 64. The moose must have thought they were still in Canada. Residents are staying warm, well fed, and properly entertained despite the weather and the moose.

Monday morning and Tuesday morning there was devotions and exercise and current events. There was REX Classes every day at 1 p.m. and REX bounce ball every evening at 6pm, except Saturday when we had a special program at 6 p.m.

Wednesday morning we had a church service. This week Pastor Schweitzer from Bethany Church in Colfax led the service. Delores Huber was our pianist. We broadcast a Sunday service on Sundays, but residents like to come to a service led by a minister who is here in person.

Friday morning we had a gospel sing led by Glen, Julie and once again Delores was here to play the piano. Loretta in the meantime had a Rosary in the resident dining area for our Catholic residents.

On Thursday morning we play. Volleyball is our game and the Square has more players every week. All pray and no play etc., etc. etc. The afternoons had a variety of programs.

This week we had our monthly resident council meeting. We have a different speaker each month. This month Gloria Lake, Dietary Assistant talked about the winter menu. She listened and made note of any suggestions residents had for improving the menu.

On Tuesday afternoon the bingo hall opened and residents arrived a bit early and eagerly awaited the start of games. Happy Hour was at 3 p.m. in the Square following Bingo.

On Wednesday afternoon the Beauty Boutique opened and the beauty parlor was filled inside and out. When the manicured nails were all done the pretty pampered people were invited to have coffee and cookies in the Square.

On Thursday afternoon the Square was a movie theater complete with fresh popped popcorn and snacks. Our Joy Ride was a shopping trip. It kept a couple of residents busy all afternoon. Our Joy rides vary. Next week we are going to the pumpkin patch. One resident was having a Packer party in her apartment and needed party supplies. She had a good turnout and everyone enjoyed the game except the Viking fans.

On Friday afternoon the Square was again set up for Bingo. The Happy Hour that followed was dedicated to Dick VanDaalwyk’s retirement party. Dick had been the Director of Maintenance for 35 years. Matt Klukas is the new Director of Maintenance. We will miss Dick’s cheerful smile and his ability to fix just about everything.

Speaking of cheerful smiles we had many this week when our regular volunteers came to help. Leona Ubbelhode came on the weekend and visited with many residents. Merle Roth manned the front desk; meeting and greeting weekend visitors. LeAnn Mayner was here on Monday. Eileen Stokke helped on Tuesday and Friday. Veda Kiekhoefer was here Tuesday thru Friday. Linnea Thompson was here several days also. Mary Biesterveld helped on Wednesday. We are so grateful for all the volunteer help.  They help with activity programs, some read to residents and some like to sit and visit with residents. Some of our residents are long term, but some are here for rehabilitation which is very convenient since Midwest Therapy has a big on-site gym. The rehab residents are usually so involved with physical therapy that they can’t make it to every activity program. Volunteers visit and help find things to make everyone’s day more pleasant.

That is some of the things we did this week here in the beautiful the land of Colfax where the people are as vibrant and refreshing as the colorful trees and brisk fall breeze!