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Author Katie McKy visits Glenwood City Elementary

GLENWOOD CITY – Katie McKy, the author of Pumpkin Town, It All Began with a Bean, and Wolf Camp, came to visit the Glenwood City Elementary School on Tuesday, September 30.

To start the day, Katie brought the story, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, to life with props, costumes, and our own students and staff members as actors.

She also had the opportunity to do writing workshops with the elementary and middle school students.

Second and third grade students went on a “camping trip” with Katie to become authors of their own camping story. At the end of their workshop, they shared s’mores with Katie.

Fourth through eighth grade students learned how to write an antithesis letter. In the letter, the students presented an argument about keeping a dangerous animal for a pet. Katie taught the students that in an antithesis you begin with the bad and end with the good.

To end the day, Katie brought another story to life, Boom, Boom, Boom, for our family literacy night.

Parents and students were excited to assist Katie with the storytelling. Here are some comments students had to say about her visit:

“What I learned from Katie McKy is how to put up a good argument and to not be hasty. She told us a story about some blind brothers that were hasty. She taught us how to be tough and sit up straight and pay attention” – Owen Swenby, 5th grade.

“I liked that she made up funny jokes and stories.  I learned when you are writing you say the bad things first and then the good things.” – Jacob McDaniel, 4th grade.

“She is funny. I liked whens he sprayed us with water. She taught me that every story has a title, beginning, middle, and end.” – Freddy Leandro/Mendez, 2nd grade.

“My favorite part was when the cops came after her. I learned to never speed.” – Brody Riba, 1st grade.

“I learned about whale sharks and capybaras. They are nice.” – Vinnie Wheeler, 2nd grade.

This information was shared by Title 1 Teacher, Paige Borgerson on behalf of the Glenwood City Elementary’s effort to create a bi-monthly informational article.