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Elk Mound approves 3 percent increase for employees

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND —  The Elk Mound Village Board has approved pay increases for village employees of 3 percent.

The Elk Mound Village Board met in closed session following the October 1 meeting to discuss the salary and wage increases and reconvened to open session after about ten minutes.

Village President Andy Peterson announced that the village board had approved 3 percent pay increases in closed session and also had approved a $2 an hour increase for Mark Levra, director of public works.

The village board approved an additional week of paid vacation per year for Levra as well.

Elk Mound Police Chief Travis Hakes requested no increase in wages for 2015, Peterson said.

All other benefits will remain the same for 2015.

The Colfax Messenger sent an e-mail to Pat Hahn, village clerk-treasurer, asking for the contract amounts for Elk Mound village employees.

Hahn responded by providing the information on the 3 percent pay increase, the $2 an hour increase, the extra week of vacation and that the police chief had requested he not receive an increase. Hahn did not provide any copies of contracts or contract amounts for individual employees indicating current salaries or wages.

Five-year street plan

The Elk Mound Village Board has approved a five-year street plan to put on file with Dunn County.

Filing the plan with the county is necessary if Elk Mound wants to apply for transportation grants to help pay for street projects.

The plan covers University Street for 2013-2014; no street project for 2015; Garland Avenue for 2016; and East Elk Mound Drive for 2017.

Garland and East Elk Mound Drive have a low rating on the street assessment scale and already have had some engineering work done, Levra noted.

Ice rink

In further action at the October 1 meeting, the Elk Mound Village Board approved a lease agreement with Margaret and Steve Dieter of 307 University Avenue for an ice rink at a cost of $400 for the season.

The department of public works also uses the area to store plowed snow from November through April, said Terry Stamm, soon-to-be-retired director of public works.

The savings on labor and fuel to store snow at the Dieter property, which is near the Elk Mound schools, pays for the amount of the lease, he said.