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Dunn County hazardous waste collection a success

Despite lower overall attendance than in the past, an impressive 16,110 pounds of hazardous materials were properly disposed of at September’s Hazardous Waste Collection in Dunn County.  Though the number of participating residents fell for 2014, the number of farms and businesses that took advantage of the recent collection significantly increased.


 The recent Hazardous Waste Collection was held by the Dunn County Solid Waste Division and a team of volunteers from Dunn County’s Environmental Services Department assisted in managing the event.

Paint related materials were by far the most common items brought in, with 11,722 pounds disposed of over the two day event.  Also disposed of were flammable liquids, corrosives, aerosols, cylinders, pesticides, oxidizers, toxic liquids and more.  Eighteen pounds of mercury were disposed of with twelve of those pounds coming from a local school.  The hazardous materials were processed by Northwest Regional Planning Commission and WRR Environmental Services.

Motivated largely to protect the environment, many attendees expressed their thanks for having such an event; some participants even suggested holding multiple hazardous waste collection throughout the year. Unfortunately hazardous waste collections are based on grants and funding, so it is only possible to hold one annual event at this time.  For this reason, participation is always highly recommended when such events are held. This year’s collection was made possible through a $16,950 agricultural and household hazardous waste grant from the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP).