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Lightning cancels Colfax- Ellsworth football game

COLFAX — The three strikes you’re out rule normally applies to baseball. But in the case of the Colfax-Ellsworth football game scheduled Aug. 29 on the Vikings’ field, it was three lightning delays that ended up canceling the game.

The WIAA rules state anytime lightning is noticed anywhere around the playing area, the game must be delayed for 30 minutes. The first delay was before the game began, resulting in a 7:30 start. After playing the National Anthem, both teams lined up for the kickoff, and lightning was spotted again. After waiting the mandatory time, the game got underway and both teams had two possessions before more lightning flashes occurred. After waiting over 30 minutes and seeing more lightning and looking at the radar, it was decided to just end things around 9:00. Since it is a non-conference game, it will not be made up.

Colfax will travel to St. Croix Central to begin conference play this Friday night.