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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-27-2014

Whoever said “No news is good news” certainly did not live in Colfax. There is plenty of good news to go around.

 On Sunday there were church services on the radio and on the television. Family and friends visited their loved ones. Leona Ubbelohde always brings cheer and good news when she socializes with residents. She also brings little candies and treats that help to sweeten the visits.

The good news continues on Monday after a good breakfast. Many residents gather in the square and start the week with devotions. Following devotions Sue Hill brought in her Madam Alexandra Wizard of Oz dolls, this being the 77th Anniversary of the movie which opened in theaters in 1937. That year was also the year “Gone with the Wind” opened in theaters. Exercise and stretching and more conversation topped off the morning. The afternoon brought more good news when “Honey and Me” came to play music. After much convalescence Don was able to accompany Diane when she performed. For your information he is “Me” and she is “Honey”. LeAnn was here Monday assisting Sue.

On Tuesday morning Cathy and Veda led devotions and current events and residents exercised before leaving the Square. Bingo was the afternoon program. Many treats and snacks constitute the prizes but Beanie Babies are always the coveted prize. Thanks to generous contributions of these bears the residents had many to pick from when they won. Happy Hour always serves beverages, coffee, chips, and bars after Bingo. This week Julie, Eileen, Veda, and Vonnie helped where needed. Wednesday morning our church service was led by Pastor DeMaris. He is a retired Methodist minister from Elk Mound. He is now one of the ministers who will be leading the Wednesday morning church services. Delores Huber played the piano. She and Pastor DeMaris and Pastor’s wife Margaret, who is also a minister, have been friends for years, so that made the service very special.

On Wednesday afternoon the beauty shop was the place to be. Lots of good news is shared while the residents are getting their nails manicured. However what is said in the beauty shop stays in the beauty shop! A new volunteer Mary Biesterveld was here on Wednesday and will be helping residents on a regular basis. Mary is from Elk Mound and is a retired RN. We are happy to have her join our volunteer team. In the evening we had our Company Picnic in the courtyard. We played bingo outdoors and thanks to donation from the Dollar General we had plenty of prizes for the kids and adults to pick from.

On Thursday morning Veda led the volleyball game. The players always seem to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Thursday afternoon was Joy Ride day. We usually end up at the Dairy Queen in Bloomer. Caramel Malts were the popular choice this time. A drives in the country checking out the crops and cattle kept the residents busy for a couple of hours.

On Friday morning the Gospel sing in the Square was led by Julie McNaughton. Deloris Huber was our pianist. Linnea Thompson helped residents as she had all week. Loretta led rosary for our catholic residents before Gospel Sing. In the afternoon the Square attracted residents for a Dime bingo Game. Friday afternoon Happy Hour followed bingo.

Saturday afternoon’s program was the Hollywood Card Game. That is some of the good news here in the land of Colfax where the best news this week is Merle Roth will be in charge of the front desk 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. He will have the have coffee and cookies ready for visitors. Look more good news next week!