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Thank You – The Larson Family – 8-27-2014

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for the kind words, gestures, and support we received over the course of the past several days.


 This has been a difficult time, but your thoughts, your prayers and your simple presence in our lives help make the jagged hole in our hearts a little softer. The outpouring of sympathy and support was especially evident during the visitation, when we were awed by the many people who waited in line up to three and a half hours in order to have the opportunity to express condolences and to console us. What was intended to be a four hour visitation had to be extended for over three and a half hours, and we were humbled that so many would wait that long to make sure they had the chance to see us. Your words of comfort and support that night and through this entire ordeal have been appreciated in a very deep way, and it is difficult to express the gratitude we feel to all of you.

Again, we would like to express our gratitude and the greatest appreciation for all of you and for all you have done for us over the last several days. May God protect and bless you all.

The Larson Family
Rod, Deb, Ryan and Jacob