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2014 Dunn County Fair Meat Animal Auction results are in

Listed below are the results from the Meat Animal auction at the 2014 Dunn County Fair.  The total amount sold was $156,019.00.

The following results are listed by exhibitor name, exhibitor Club/Chapter, final weight and type of animal, price per pound, total price, and buyer. Note that the hogs were paid out at a max of 290 lbs., steers were paid out at 1500 lbs., and sheep were paid out at 150 lbs.


Kendall Rudiger, Cedarlings, 1311 lb. Cross, $2.25/lb., $2,949.75, Wal-Mart DC; Levi Williams, Boyceville FFA, 1144 lb. Cross, $2.25/lb., $2,574.00, Wal-Mart DC; Brooke Brantner, Little Elk Creek, 1405 lb. Cross, $2.00/lb., $2,810.00, Value Implement; Nova Johnson, Little Elk Creek, 1443 lb. Cross, $1.85/lb., $2,669.55, Value Implement; Noah Novotney, Boyceville FFA, 1511 lb. Cross, $2.00/lb., $3,000.00, TL Sinz Plumbing; Kirstie Olson, Menomonie FFA, 1227 lb. Single, $2.10/lb., $2,576.70, T & T Construction; Reyse Klatt, Boyceville FFA, 1207 lb. Cross, $2.90/lb., $3,500.30, Stockman Farm Supply; Jordyn Keyes, Millroad Rockets, 1246 lb. Cross, $2.50/lb., $3,115.00, Sailer’s Meats; Kinsey Singerhouse, Little Elk Creek, 1230 lb. Single, $2.35/lb., $2,890.50, Sailer’s Meats; Sarah Stainer, Willing Workers, 1192 lb. Cross, $2.25/lb., $2,682.00, River Valley Ford; Erica Kinnard, Willing Workers, 1440 lb. Cross, $4.00/lb., $5,760.00, Red Cedar Chiropractic; Keaton Rudiger, Cedarlings, 1387 lb. Cross, $2.20/lb., $3,051.40, Prototype Solutions; Reed Styer, Willing Workers, 1559 lb. DAIRY, $2.10/lb., $3,150.00, Midwest Nutrition LLC; Jason Labs, Willing Workers, 1363 lb. Single, $2.00/lb., $2,726.00, Mayo Clinic; Sam Retz, Boyceville FFA, 1201 lb. Cross, $2.00/lb., $2,402.00, Lakeland Co-Op; Blaine Keyes, Millroad Rockets, 1202 lb. Cross, $2.00/lb., $2,404.00, Keyes Chevy town; Brittany Larson, Little Elk Creek, 1229 lb. Single, $1.70/lb., $2,089.30, Hoof and Paw; Julie Quilling, Elk Meadow, 1407 lb. DAIRY, $2.25/lb., $3,165.75, Hoof and Paw; Connor Brantner, Little Elk Creek, 1274 lb. Cross, $2.20/lb., $2,802.80; Elk Valley Construction; Austin Yoder, Willing Workers, 1240 lb. Cross, $1.80/lb. $2,232.00, Eau Galle Cheese; Emma Kraft, Willing Workers, 1429 lb. Cross, $3.10/lb., $4,429.90, Eau Galle Cheese; Jenna Brantner, Little Elk Creek, 1327 lb. Single, $2.30/lb., $3,052.10, Dairy State Bank; Allison Ponto, Willing Workers, 1281 lb. Cross, $2.50/lb., $3,202.50, CR Cooks Construction; Shayleigh Novotney, Boyceville FFA, 1487 lb. DAIRY, $1.95/lb., $2,899.65, Country Side Co-op.; Karisa Jensen, Willing Workers, 1285 lb. Cross, $1.85/lb., $2,377.25, Cedar Country Co-Op, Kelly Quilling, Elk Meadow, 1334 lb. DAIRY, $2.00/lb., $2,668.00, Cedar Country Co-Op; Paige Grundeman, Little Elk Creek, 1196 lb. Single, $2.00/lb., $2,392.00, Brent Wachsmith Excavating; Tristin Yoder, Willing Workers, 1104 lb. Cross, $2.00/lb., $2,208.00, Bremer Bank; Jonah Jensen, Willing Workers, 1157 lb. Cross, $2.50/lb., $2,892.50, Black’s Valley Ag Supply; Jacob Erickson, Boyceville FFA, 1415 lb. DAIRY, $2.00/lb., $2,830.00, American Structures Inc.;  Kaden Styer, Willing Workers, 1589 lb. DAIRY, $2.50/lb., $3,750.00, American Structures Inc.; Delan Keyes, Millroad Rockets, 1297 lb. Single, $1.75/lb., $2,269.75, Accurate Construction; Kayla Hoff, Boyceville FFA, 1287 lb. Cross, $2.10/lb., $2,702.70, Accurate Construction


Jon Welk, Cedarlings, 161 lb. Wether, $3.50/lb., $525.00, Valley Feed; Mathew Szymoniak, Elk Meadow, 141 lb. Wether, $3.10/lb., $437.10, Spring Brook Meats; Rachel Gray, Willing Workers, 136 lb. Wether, $2.85/lb., $387.60, Olson’s Meat; Desirae Welk, Cedarlings, 148 lb. Wether, $3.50/lb., $518.00, Norske Kitchen; Amanda Maves, Menomin Helping Hands, 136 lb. Wether, $3.50/lb., $476.00, Govin’s Corn Maze; Adalyn Maves, Menomin Helping Hands, 131 lb. Wether, $6.00/lb., $786.00, Country Side Co-Op; Brooklyn Henderson, Cedarlings,  114 lb. Wether, $5.50/lb., $627.00, Bremer Bank


Jack Edwards, Colfax FFA, 278 lb. Gilt, $6.00/lb., $1,668.00, Valley Feed; Bryce Larson, Boyceville FFA, 286 lb. Barrow, $4.00/lb., $1,144.00, Value Implement; Will Ockler, Willing Workers, 242 lb. Barrow, $6.75/lb., $1,633.50, Ullom Harvesting; Kyle Holden, Boyceville FFA, 309 lb. Barrow, $4.50/lb., $1,390.50, T & T Construction; Sam Jacobson, Willing Workers, 270 lb. Barrow, $5.00/lb., $1,350.00, Svee Trucking; Tyler Knutson, Colfax FFA, 283 lb. Gilt, $3.60/lb., $1,018.80, Spring Brook Meats; Luke Powers, Little Elk Creek, 262 lb. Barrow, $4.00/lb., $1,048.00, Spring Brook Meats; Kevin Kegan, Hay River Helpers, 319 lb. Barrow, $3.00/lb., $957.00, Saxton Farms; Addie Grossbier, Elk Meadow, 253 lb. Barrow, $3.50/lb., $885.50, River Valley Ford; Haleigh Styer, Little Elk Creek, 300 lb. Barrow, $3.50/lb., $1,015.00; River Valley Ford; Austin Gjestson, Willing Workers, 271 lb. Barrow, $3.20/lb., $867.20, River Valley Ford; Bailey Gilbertson, Elk Meadow, 246 lb. Gilt, $5.25/lb., $1,291.50, Premix Specialties; Kira Prochnow, Cedarlings, 258 lb. Barrow, $5.10/lb., $1,315.80, Prairie Ag Supply; Derek Christianson, Little Elk Creek, 300 lb. Barrow, $3.75/lb., $1,087.50, North town Ford, Derek Gjestson, Willing Workers, 290 lb. Barrow, $3.30/lb., $957.00, Norske Kitchen; Sara Gjestson, Willing Workers, 268 lb. Barrow, $3.50/lb., $938.00, Midwest Nutrition LLC; Krista Styer, Willing Workers, 266 lb. Barrow, $11.00/lb., $2,926.00, Midwest Nutrition LLC; Carlee Schultz, Boyceville FFA, 264 lb. Gilt, $3.85/lb., $1,016.40; Leiptznitz Dental; Abby Kegan, Boyceville FFA, 284 lb. Gilt, $3.10/lb., $880.40, Larson Enterprises; Abbie Greenwell, Countyliners, 272 lb. Barrow, $4.10/lb., $1,115.20, Lakeland Co-Op; Cheyenne Keyes, Willing Workers, 335 lb. Barrow, $4.00/lb., $1,160.00, Keyes Chevy town; Kaden Holmstadt, Little Elk Creek, 263 lb. Barrow, $2.50/lb., $657.50, Hoof and Paw; Gracia Christianson, Little Elk Creek, 253 lb. Barrow, $3.60/lb., $910.80, Henderson’s Excavating; Emily Ockler, Willing Workers, 273 lb. Barrow, $6.50/lb., $1,774.50, Eau Galle Cheese; Paige Auth, Missouri Valley, 335 lb. Barrow, $5.90/lb., $1,711.00, Eau Galle Cheese; Brandy Kummer, Rock Falls Rockets, 305 lb. Barrow, $5.00/lb., $1,525.00, Eau Galle Cheese; Hayden Styer, Little Elk Creek, 286 lb. Barrow, $3.40/lb., $972.40, Dunn Energy Co-Op; Ben Styer, Willing Workers, 284 lb. Barrow, $10.25/lb., $2,911.00, Dairy State Bank; Jacob Miller, Little Elk Creek, 270 lb. Barrow, $5.25/lb., $1,417.50, CR Cooks Construction; Andrew Zuckowski, Willing Workers, 261 lb. Barrow, $2.70/lb., $704.70, Country Side Co-Op; Zach Evenson, Willing Workers, 279 lb. Barrow, $5.00/lb., $1,395.00, Country Doctors; Alex Kummer, Rock Falls Rockets, 306 lb. Barrow, $4.85/lb., $1,406.50, Chester Bauer; Danielle Zuckowski, Willing Workers, 259 lb. Gilt, $2.70/lb., $699.30, Cedar Falls Heating; Kenya Henderson, Little Elk Creek, 241 lb. Gilt, $3.00/lb., $723.00, Cedar Country Co-Op; Michael Welk, Cedarlings, 257 lb. Barrow, $3.00/lb., $771.00, Cedar Country Co-Op; Jenna Schaefer, Little Elk Creek, 289 lb. Barrow, $3.75/lb., $1,083.75, Cedar Corp; JP Entorf, Little Elk Creek, 253 lb. Gilt, $3.50/lb., $885.50, Cedar Corp; Juli Henderson, Cedarlings, 241 lb. Barrow, $4.00/lb., $964.00, Cady Cheese; Ivy Grundeman, Little Elk Creek, 282 lb. Barrow, $4.00/lb., $1,128.00, Cady Cheese; Abbie Powers, Little Elk Creek, 250 lb., Barrow, $3.00/lb., $750.00, Bremer Bank; Chloe Styer, Willing Workers, 295 lb. Gilt, $10.00/lb., $2,900.00, BMO; Cody Larson, Little Elk Creek, 248 lb. Barrow, $2.50/lb., $620.00, Black’s Valley Ag Supply, Logan Miller, Little Elk Creek, 258 lb. Barrow, $3.80/lb., $980.40, Bignell Logging; Brandon Gilbertson, Elk Meadow, 255 lb. Barrow, $7.00/lb., $1,785.00, Ag Star, Shaelee Paul, Little Elk Creek, 255 lb. Barrow, $2.90/lb., $739.50, American Structures Inc.; McKenzie Christianson, Little Elk Creek, 255 lb., Barrow, $3.75/lb., $956.25, American Structures Inc.