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Hay River Helpers 4-H News

The July meeting for the Hay River Helpers 4-H club was held at the Knapp Park.

Alex Obermueller did a speech about his rabbit. Robbie Thorson gave a speech about his dog who he takes to trials and he is training her to hunt. Jacob Nelson talked about his favorite book: Lions at Lunchtime, a magic tree house book. We discussed volunteer opportunities for the fair. We also received our project entry tickets and one free ticket for a ride. The fair was a very busy time for all the people in our club. It was our year to run the pie social so we had to make pies and work. We also had to work at the food stand and watch the building with all the projects in it. We did make a fair sign to help advertise and there was a competition to see who built the best one. Although we didn’t win our sign still looked great! At the fair we had a number of members who won awards of excellence. Corey Klatt won an award for the Intermediate Showmanship Class for the Dog Program. He also won an award in the Altered Photography class for his Colored Nature photo. Alyssa Wannemacher won the Pre-Novice B Obedience class in the Dog Project. Lexi Wannemacher won Beginning On Leash in Agility for dogs. Austin Wannemacher earned his award of excellence in Home Environment for his Wood Furnishing Project for any room. Kaylee Hessler won two awards of Excellences on her Photography Projects. One was for 4 Peopole in Black and White and the other was for 4 Landscape Pictures in Color.

In June four of our members did their speeches. Jerod Nelson talked about how he built his BB gun case. Jordan Nelson told about going to the Wild West Shoot Out. Oliver Hoff showed the lego fire cars he built and Treylin Thorson showed his dog Candy, an Australian shepherd.

Respectively submitted,
Kaylee Hessler, Reporter