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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-6-2014

Cathy and Veda truly ran the show this week! After spotty showers over the weekend we welcomed the abundance of sunshine. The gazebo got plenty of use as CNAs and activity staff were busy spending time with residents outdoors to enjoy that sunshine. Family and friends could also be seen under the beautiful gazebo with their loved ones.

We rolled out Monday with devotions, readings, and exercise led by Sue and played a few rounds of “Wheel of Fortune” under the gazebo in the afternoon. Taking a break from coffee and cookies, watermelon was the afternoon treat. Sue was sure glad that LeAnn was there to help. Residents then got creative and formed words using the letters in “watermelon.”

Once again on Tuesday we did more devotions, readings, and exercise and socialized with happy hour.

Wednesday morning we gathered for Church led by Pastor Walck and later treated ourselves to gossip and fresh manicures during beauty boutique.

Thursday morning the volleyball flew as residents rallied in the square. Veda acted as ball girl when the residents got a bit carried away. The ever talented Rich Schroeder got our attention in the afternoon with his good ole’ sing-a-long familiar country tunes. Staff tends to look on and sometimes participate and encourage residents to dance with them. All that singing and dancing had us ready for coffee and cookies.

TGIF! Fridays are routine around here but leave us replenished and restful for the weekend and ready for visitors. Loretta led rosary and Glen, Julie, and Delores were here for gospel sing. Dime bingo and happy hour rounded out the day. It may be 5 months till the joyful Christmas season but we are going to soak in the sun as much as possible until then.

That’s all for now in the land of Colfax where the mums in the courtyard are beautiful and the residents are out there to enjoy them!