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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-13-2014

What isn’t happening? This was another week with special events and fun programs for everyone.

We started the week calmly with church services and friends and families visiting.

Monday after the morning devotions, current events and light exercise residents enjoyed special music by Lee Anna Rasar. She is a professor at the UW-EC as a music therapist. She gave our piano a work out. Residents really liked her music styles.

On Tuesday our regular programs were well attended.  Our bingo in the afternoon was packed with eager bingo aficionados waiting for Julie to start her calling “G47” “B12” etc. and later Happy Hour fans were served by Kathy and Veda. Busch Light was the favorite beer this week. Linnea Thompson was here many times this week, too. A rousing game of Bounce Ball in the Rotunda tops off every evening all week.

On Wednesday morning the church service was led by a new minister from Shepherd of the Hill, Pastor Mary Eide. Delores Huber was our organist. The afternoon the piano was rocking again as Kathie Irwin’s fingers tickled the ivory! The sing-a-long is one of our residents’ favorite activities.

When Thursday morning rolled around the residents gathered in the square and faced off for their weekly volleyball tournament. It was exciting because three volleyballs were used at the same time. That surely keeps one on their toes. The afternoon featured a guest speaker at our monthly resident council meeting. Gary Stene spoke to the residents because he is running for the 67th District Assembly. We hope to have Tom Larson speak to the residents on his behalf before the primary on August 12th. Following the meeting we had a surprise retirement party for Fred Goers. After 8 years he is turning the Business Office Manager Job over to Laura Kressin.

Along came August 1, our one year anniversary. We celebrated by hosting a pie and ice cream social and were royally entertained by Al’s Polka Pals. 14 different kinds of pies were offered. Guests were undeniably entertained and also able to buy delectable pies!

That is just a little of the news here in the land of Colfax where the sun never sets before we have had our fun for the day and then we sleep by the light of the moon.