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Colfax Health and Rehab honors three for 35 years of service

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — All in all, 1979 must have been a very good year for what was — at that time — Area Nursing Home.

In 1979, three employees started their employment at the nursing home, and staff and residents honored those employees at a party June 25: Barb Stobb; Beatrice Root; and Dick VanDaalwyk.

“It never ceases to amaze me the loyalty and commitment of the staff members here at Colfax Health and Rehab. Today, we don’t just have one, we have three people celebrating a magnificent milestone in their employment here,” Gengler said.

Gengler noted that a fourth employee, Loretta Logslett, has worked for the facility for 37 years.

“We are starting to plan for her 40th anniversary,” Gengler said.

Rich Schroeder, who provided musical entertainment with his guitar and a variety of songs that included requests from the residents, summed it up well.

“Any place that has people who have worked here for that long must be a good place to work,” he said.

Barb Stobb 

“Barb has been in every department that exists (at Colfax Health and Rehab), and she’s done a great job in all of them,” Gengler said.

“From 1979 to 1984, I worked in the kitchen. I did a little bit of everything, even the baking. In 1984, I was asked to take a position in the activity department, so I was there from 1984 to 1988. Then in 1988 I became an administrative assistant — secretary/whatever-needed-doing. I did that up until two years ago when Jill asked me to take over the Health Information Department. I’ve been enjoying that now for almost two years. It’s been a wonderful journey here,” Stobb said.

Beatrice Root

“Beatrice has been with us, up until recently, in the nursing department. She started in 1979 as well,” Gengler said.

Beatrice Root declined to speak about herself in front of the assembled employees and residents who had come to honor her for her service and instead encouraged Gengler to do the talking — much to the amusement of those who were assembled in The Square.

“Beatrice worked as a nursing aid for many years, and recently, within the last two years, has been working in housekeeping. She’s done a great job. She spends so much time interacting with the residents and spending time making their day a better day,” Gengler said.

Dick VanDaalwyk

“Dick has been in the maintenance department the whole time he has worked here. He has story after story about the building(s) … I’m glad he knows this building, as well as the old one, as well as he does because there are so many quirks and ins-and-outs that I have no interest in,” Gengler said.

“I’m so glad to have this employment here in Colfax. It’s been great. Everybody has been so wonderful,” VanDaalwyk said.

All four of the employees — Logslett, Stobb, Root and VanDaalwyk — do not currently have plans to retire, Gengler said.