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Colfax awards beer garden bid to Mondovi contractor

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX —  Allen Johnson Construction LLC out of Mondovi has been awarded the low bid for constructing the new refreshment stand at the Colfax Fairgrounds to replace the beer shed that collapsed last winter.

The Colfax Village Board opened the bids for the refreshment stand at the June 23 meeting.

All together, the village received four bids: two from Colfax, one from Mondovi and one from Menomonie.

The village has already purchased the materials to build the beer tent (shed, structure, refreshment stand), and the bids requested were for labor only, said Scott Gunnufson, village president.

In addition to a new beer tent building, the work will include replacing the roof on the beer garden/dancehall area and putting matching siding on the existing bathrooms.

The village’s insurance company assessed the value of the building that collapsed from the weight of heavy snow at around $40,000.

The low bid from Allen Johnson Construction was for $15,752.72.

Plank Construction out of Colfax submitted a bid of $24,000 to build the structure.

Jensen Construction out of Colfax submitted a bid of $28,680.

Pember Construction out of Menomonie submitted a bid of $19,590.

Most of the village board members were not familiar with Allen Johnson Construction.

Carey Davis, village trustee, said he has known Allen Johnson for 30 years.

“He’s a good pole shed builder. He’s not a house builder, but he’s a good pole shed builder,” Davis said, noting that not all house builders are good at constructing pole sheds, and not all pole shed builders are good at building houses.

The Colfax Village Board accepted the bid from Allen Johnson on a vote of five in favor and one abstention.

Village Trustee Annie Schieber abstained from voting on the motion.

Village Trustee Susan Olson was on an excused absence from the meeting.

In addition to Gunnufson, Davis, Schieber and Olson, Beverly Schauer, Jeremy Klukas, and Mark Halpin serve as village trustees.

The refreshment stand (beer tent) is expected to be completed by August 31.

The Russell Toycen American Legion Post No. 131 used two 20-foot by 20-foot tents at this year’s Colfax Free Fair in June.

The bids opened by the village board at the June 23 meeting represented the second round of bidding on the beer shed/refreshment stand.

The first time around, the village received two bids. One bid was incomplete, and the second bidder indicated that the work could not be completed until later in the summer.