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EM Valedictorian: Adam Gottschalk

ELK MOUND — Adam Gottschalk is the Valedictorian of the Elk Mound High School Class of 2014.

The Colfax Messenger sent a questionnaire to Adam, and here are his answers.

1. Describe the most memorable event that happened while you were in high school.

The most memorable event that happened while I was in high school was the journey to the state basketball tournament my senior year. Since third grade, my father and I have gone to watch the high school state basketball tournament in Madison. Ever since making my first trip to the tournament, I have dreamed of playing on the Kohl Center floor. This year that dream finally came true. The journey to state was very exciting. It was amazing stepping on the court on game nights with my teammates and seeing how much the community supported us. I will never forget how loud our crowd cheered during the playoff games. Despite the fact that we didn’t reach our ultimate goal, I will always remember the great experience of the playoff run. The entire season was memorable because of the relationships I developed with my teammates and coaches. I was proud of the team because we brought the whole community together and provided a much-needed diversion from the cold, snowy winter.

2. Tell us about your favorite high school classes.

Throughout the course of my high school career, I have taken many courses to enrich my educational experience. There are some courses that stick out to be my favorites. One of my favorite classes that I took was Spanish. Last summer, my family took a vacation to Mexico. I was curious about what was being said when I listened to the local residents speak Spanish. I thought that it would be worth my while to learn a new language and be able to communicate with a culture that has become a large segment of the population. I enjoyed Spanish from the first day of class. A big reason I like Spanish class is because we have a great teacher, Ms. Hoover, who is a pleasure to be around. She is very energetic and makes class exciting. I have learned so much in Spanish, such as the different verb tenses, Spanish vocabulary, as well as many other common aspects of the language. I will always remember making videos in Spanish with my friends.

Along with Spanish, another favorite class of mine was Anatomy and Physiology. This was one of my favorite classes because I am very interested in how the processes of the human body function. I was pleased with how much I learned in this class and impressed with the intricacies of the human body. The teacher, Ms. Simet, added to the enjoyment of the class as well. She made the class entertaining, and I thought some of her stories were very comical. In class, we completed many dissections to help us visualize how different systems of the human body work. I will always remember dissecting a fetal pig. It was fascinating, and I know I will never forget the smell of the pig.

3. Tell us about the activities in which you were involved during high school.

Throughout high school, I was involved in many activities. I participated in E-Club (letter club), National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Science Olympiad, football, basketball, and track and field. I enjoyed all of the organizations, clubs, and sports in which I participated.

One of my favorite activities was National Honor Society. This organization presented many opportunities to help others in the community. The most memorable event was the yearly Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. It took courage to jump into the freezing water of Half Moon Lake, but I believe participating in this event was worth it because it helped out many people in need.

Another activity that I was in was E-Club. The Elk Mound E-Club gave me the opportunity to purchase and deliver gifts and other necessities for families in need during the holiday season. I really favored being in National Honor Society and E-Club because these organizations presented me with the opportunity to help out the less fortunate.

4. What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan on getting a summer job. Currently, I am interviewing at a variety of businesses. Besides working in the summer, I plan on taking a trip to Canada with my grandfather. I also plan on preparing for college in the fall.

5. Are you planning to attend college or technical school, and if so, where?

Next year, I plan on becoming a Badger and attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This has been a dream of mine since I was very young. The Big Ten campus is known for its academics and atmosphere and has always had a strong appeal. At Madison, I plan on majoring in Biology and then going on to medical school. There were a number of reasons why I decided to pursue pre-med as a course of study. One of the reasons is that I have always had an interest in the sciences. Also, I am very interested in how the human body functions. I feel that the medical field will be a challenging and rewarding profession. I am looking forward to the journey that lies ahead of me, and I would like to thank all of teachers, coaches, and advisors who have supported and inspired me over the past 13 years.