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2014 Colfax graduates collected an over $368,000 in scholarships

COLFAX – The Colfax Class of 2014 made quite a haul in the amount of monetary awards it received through scholarships from local and various post-secondary educational institutions.

Colfax high school principal John Dachel announced at the May 16 commencement that this year’s graduating class had been awarded over $368,000 in scholarship monies. The various awards went to 25 different members of the Class of 2014. Scholarship winners along with their various awards and amounts are listed below.

Alexandra Albricht: Colfax Sno-drifter’s Club, $400.00.

McKenzie Anderson: Sanger Foundation Scholarship, $500.00.

Sarah Burton: Asplund Family Memorial, $3,000.00; Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00; St. Scholastica Benedictine Scholarship, $16,000.00 per year (renewable 4 years); St. Scholastica Alumni Scholarship, $600.00 per year (renewable 4 years).

Whitney DeMoe: Asplund Family Memorial, $5,000.00; Cammie B. Johnson Memorial, $1,500.00; Charter Bank, $500.00; Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00; Dunn Energy Cooperative, $500.00; Mayo Health System Chippewa Valley, $500.00; North Running Valley Lutheran Church, $250.00.

Mallie Doucette: Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00; Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00; Marlin Raveling Scholarship, $200.00; MN State University – Moorhead, $12,000.00 Ath scholars (renewable 4 years); MN State University – Moorhead Academic Scholarship, $1,250.00 per year (renewable 4 years).

Emily Halpin: Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00; Sanger Foundation Scholarship, $500.00.

Elizabeth Harbek: Colfax Community Families, $250.00.

Ethin Kiekhafer: Asplund Family Memorial, $2,000.00; Cedar Country Cooperative, $500.00; Colfax Youth Baseball, $300.00; Marlin Raveling Scholarship, $200.00; Menomonie Lions Club, $750.00; Norm L. Larson Memorial, $500.00; Viterbo Basketball Scholarship, $1,000.00 per year renewable with an increase each year; Viterbo Dean’s Scholarship, $11,000.00 per year (renewable 4 years); Viterbo Science Scholarship, $2,000.00.

Rhett Kragness: Colfax FFA Alumni Agriculture, $400.00.

Miranda Larson: Colfax Community Families, $250.00.

Heidi Lieffort: Cedar Country Cooperative, $500.00; Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00; Colfax Sportsmen’s Club, $250.00; Dunn County Fish & Game, $3,000.00; Dunn County Home & Comm. Ed., $300.00; Equity Western Livestock, $300.00; Harold and Dorothy Olson Hilson Scholarship, $6,000 each year (renewable 4 years); Lakeland Cooperative, $500.00; 1st Lt. Jeremy Wolfe Memorial, $500.00; Lind Family Foundation, $200.00; Menomonie Lions Club, $750.00; Menomonie Optimist Club, $500.00; Outstanding Senior Musician-Choir, $100.00; Traux/Johnson Scholarship, $2,000.00 per year (renewable 4 years); UW-Stout Polytechnic Scholarship, $1,000.00.

Nicholas Loechler: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, $200.00.

Schyler Manning: Colfax Class of 1957, $500.00; Harold and Dorothy Olson Hilson Scholarship, $6,000 each year (renewable 4 years); St. Olaf’s Presidential Scholarship, $18,000.00 per year (renewable 4 years).

Jessica Moonen: Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00.

Noah Pretasky: Marion Haugle Memorial, $500.00.

Katlin Sauerwein: Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00.

Taylor Shipman: Asplund Family Memorial, $500.00; Bremer Bank, $500.00; Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00; Dunn Energy Cooperative, $500.00.

Logan Sikora: American Red Cross, $250.00; Colfax Sno-drifter’s Club, $400.00; Colfax Sportsmen’s Club, $250.00.

Braanna Steen: Colfax Youth Basketball, $150.00.

Abigail Stone: Colfax FFA Alumni Leadership, $400.00.

Kaitlin Toycen: All State Academic Excellence Award American Veterans Post 1128, $2,250.00 per year (renewable 4 years); Colfax Class of 1957, $475.00; Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00.; Kyle’s Market Scholarship, $500.00; Menomonie Lions Club, $750.00 Outstanding Senior Musician-Band, $100.00; UW-Eau Claire Blugold Fellowship, $1,500.00 per year (renewable 4 years).

Emily Tuschl: Ann Marie Foundation, $2,000.00.

Georgette Wendt: Bethel University Dean Scholarship, $7,500.00; Bethel University Forensics Scholarship, $4,000.00; Bethel University Leadership Scholarship, $1,500.00; Bremer Bank, $500.00; Drama Scholarship, $100.00.

Equality Wilson: Sanger Foundation Scholarship, $500.00.

Allison Yingst: All State Academic Excellence Award American Veterans Post 1128, $250.00; Cedar Country Cooperative, $500.00; Colfax Class of 1957, $1,000.00; Colfax Kiwanis, $500.00; Dairy State Bank, $500.00; G.F. and Ethel V. Bauer/Bauer Built, Inc. Scholarship, $1,000.00; Greater Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce, $500.00; Kyle’s Market Scholarship, $500.00.

Bremer Youth of the Month
September: Heidi Lieffort
October: Whitney DeMoe
November: Kaitlin Toycen
December: Allison Yingst
January: Taylor Shipman
February: Mallie Doucette
March: Georgette Wendt
April:  Ethin Kiekhafer
May: Schyler Manning

Dunn County Optimist Youth of the Month
September: Heidi Lieffort
December: Allison Yingst
March: Taylor Shipman
May: Whitney DeMoe

Special Honors:
DAR Good Citizen: Heidi Lieffort
Herb Kohl Scholarship Nominee: Allison Yingst
Rotary Club Award: Heidi Lieffort
U.S. President Barack Obama Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Allison Yingst
U.S. Senate Scholar Nominee: Heidi Lieffort