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Colfax sixth graders combine reading and art

COLFAX — Sixth graders in Eve Suckow’s reading class have something in common with a 12-year-old book character that lived in the twelfth century. They learned how to make pottery from the best potter in the village.

After reading “A Single Shard,” the 2002 Newbery Award book by Linda Sue Park, a tale of a courageous orphan in a twelfth-century Korean potters’ village, students went to the high school art room for a lesson in pottery-making. Rich Meredith, master potter and Colfax art teacher, demonstrated the making of a clay pot while giving information about the history of pottery.

Students crafted leaves and signed their initials on small slabs of clay, which Mr. Meredith artistically attached to a perfect pot he had already created. He then gave the pot a green glaze to resemble the Koryo celadon that was so renowned during its time.

Students in Mrs. Suckow’s class are Gina Bathel; Kyra Benson; Sawyer Best; Jayna Bowe; Jozie Buchanan; John Christern-Ferber; Connor Derleth; Tara Gunnufson; Tyler Hallquist; Trey Hovde; Edward Hyduckovich; Taylor Irwin; Morgan Jensen; Wesley Kallstrom; Cole Kiekhafer; Hunter Larson; Nathaniel Lee; Belinda Loew; Caston Lynch; Kameri Meredith; Jazmyne Peterson; Zachary Rindy; Kali Risler; Morgan Schleusner; Josie Steinke; Mykiah Young.