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Captain PJ’s coming to Elk Mound

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND — Captain PJ’s will be coming to Elk Mound this summer.

Brian LaFontaine, owner of Captain PJ’s BBQ, spoke to the Elk Mound Village Board at the May 7 meeting about setting up in Elk Mound on Fridays during the farmers’ market.

The Elk Mound farmers’ market is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays during the summer and is located in the lot next to the Elk Mound Village Hall.

LaFontaine said he brings his barbecue wagon to a variety of locations, including the Menomonie farmers’ market, the Dunn County Fair and Freedom Fest in LaCrosse.

In addition to operating the barbecue wagon, LaFontaine said he enters barbecue competitions and recently competed in the Kansas City Barbecue Society contest.

Out of 6,000 teams, Captain PJ’s came in at 246, LaFontaine told the village board.

Captain PJ’s is based in Menomonie, and the name of the business comes from LaFontaine’s two sons: Patrick and Joseph.

LaFontaine asked about the availability of electricity for his barbecue wagon.

Plugging into the nearest outlet would require about 150 feet of extension cord, said Mark Levra, director of public works.

LaFontaine said he has an adapter for plugging in at the village hall, and Levra said the public works department has plenty of extension cords that LaFontaine could use.

Pat Hahn, village clerk-treasurer, said she was concerned about the safety of running that much extension cord, but Levra assured the village board he has material at the village shop he could lay over the extension cords to prevent them from being a tripping hazard for the public.

LaFontaine said he probably would not be in Elk Mound every Friday because he is signed up for a number of competitions and events this summer but anticipated setting up two or three times a month.

The cost for the season to set up at the Elk Mound farmers’ market is $25, Hahn said.

LaFontaine said he anticipated that his first Friday in Elk Mound would be June 13.

“We look forward to seeing you,” said Andy Peterson, village president.

Security cameras

Members of the Elk Mound Village Board spent a considerable amount of time at the May 7 meeting discussing the possibility of installing security cameras at the Lion’s Club Park, Mound Hill Park and at the Elk Mound library.

About a year and a half ago, vandals caused damage at the Lion’s Club Park.

Since the vandalism took place in the fall, the village board decided to wait until spring to address the security issue, but that was a year ago, Hahn said.

Last spring, the Elk Mound Village Board was in the process of hiring a new police chief.

Travis Hakes, Elk Mound police chief, said he had received quotes for three different options from 24/7 Telcom out of Menomonie for a monitoring system.

A representative for 24/7 Telcom said he would be happy to do a presentation for the village board, Hakes said.

A recent incident at the Elk Mound library highlighted a need for security cameras there as well, Peterson noted.

True Lock and Security also does security systems, said Mike Tietz, assistant police chief.

Elk Mound Village Board members agreed they would like more information from both 24/7 Telcom and True Lock.

Other business

In other business, the Elk Mound Village Board:

• Learned that the public works department will be removing the old warning siren tower soon. Village employees will take the tower down by themselves, piece by piece, and the tower will be disposed of as scrap, Levra said.

• Received a recommendation from Hakes to hold off until next year on purchasing the Police Vision software that would connect Elk Mound with the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department. Waiting will allow the Elk Mound police department to adequately budget for the software, Hakes said.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Tracey Parker and Gina Greendeer for the Mound View Store.

• Approved purchasing a fence for ball field No. 1 at the Lion’s Club Park at a cost not to exceed $2,337. The existing fence on the east side of the field is only three feet high and is not regulation height, Levra said.

• Approved purchasing two basketball poles with hoops and backboards for the park at a cost of $875 from Menards. The public works department will try to rehabilitate the existing basketball hoops and backboards, Levra said, adding that he would not guarantee they could be fixed.

• Approved purchasing crushed granite stone for the driveway at the Lion’s Club Park at a cost of $800. All together, improvements at the park that will include the basketball hoops and backboards, the fence and the granite stone will be $4,012, Levra noted.