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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 4-23-2014

The long cold winter is melting away; we even saw a few robins today! There is still a chill in the springtime air, but everyone here was too busy to care.

Monday began with devotions and current events. Residents were anxious to do some exercise. The coffee and cookies after our morning routine is the best part of Monday morning. The best part of Monday afternoon was JC Colby. He entertained us with his guitar. Everyone seems to look forward to our weekly entertainers in the Square. LeAnn was here volunteering her help. Residents love her pleasant personality.

On Tuesday morning after devotions and exercise Cathy went over some of the activities for the week since Easter was only a few days away. When 2 o’clock rolled around residents had enjoyed a delicious dinner, gone to REX Class and were ready to play Bingo. A few residents stayed for Happy Hour after the game. Bounce ball in the evening topped off this happy day.

On Wednesday morning the memory of winter was all too real when residents woke to see the snow covering the ground again. By afternoon the snow had turned to rain and once again “Spring” was on the horizon.  Pastor Barb from New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek led our Wednesday morning worship service. Bowling was the afternoon activity. The Square was bursting with residents vying for the traveling trophy that is presented to the winner each month. This month’s winner was Lani Lynch. The loser was Linnea because she was the busy pin setter! Check out our Facebook page “Colfax  Health & Rehabilitation Center” for a video of the game!

On Thursday morning the volleyball players lined up and the game began. When the last volley was done the coffee and cookies were served. Around here cookies are like “Jell-O”. You always have room for one more! Taek was here around noon to give her personal attention to several of our residents’ hands. She comes from Menomonie every Thursday as a volunteer to pamper our paws! Preparing for Easter was our task in the afternoon. Dozens of hardboiled eggs and bowls of dye were ready for the residents. We tried to put rubber bands on the eggs to create designs on them before dying them. The rubber bands flew off as fast as we put them on. In the end the conventional methods produced the most beautiful Easter eggs!

On Friday morning Glen, Julie and Delores led Gospel Sing. Merle was our Dime Bingo caller in the afternoon. Linnea and Veda were here to help almost every day this week. Leona Ubbelhode visited with many residents and treated them to candy.

On Saturday morning the 22er’s 4-H club were busy with the annual Easter egg hunt. Both courtyards were filled with excited children searching for eggs and petting the small animals.

At 9 a.m. on Easter Sunday we had our first Easter Church Service in the Square. Pastor DeMaris was our minister leading the service and Deloris Huber was our pianist. The chef had hot caramel rolls ready for everyone after church. Several families had reserved dining areas so they could enjoy Easter dinner with their loved ones. We were blessed this Easter week by so many people who gave of their time and talents. That is just a little news here in the land of Colfax where all the men have a spring in their step  and all the women like to keep them hopping!