Still no police chief for Colfax

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Although members of the Colfax Village Board are remaining close-lipped and are not releasing any information — as far as anyone would be able to tell — the village has not yet hired a police chief.

The Colfax Village Board met in closed session April 7 for 30 minutes to accept the resignation of the second police chief the village board hired — or presumably the village board hired the second police chief since the meeting notice referenced the state statute for closed sessions pertaining to public employees.

The board met in closed session March 26 to discuss the background check for the first police chief that had been hired to replace retiring Colfax Police Chief Pete Gehring and to accept the first candidate’s resignation.

The village board also discussed the background check for the second police chief at the April 7 meeting.

Upon reconvening into open session April 7, the village board did not make or act on any motions.

Scott Gunnufson, village president, announced that the village board would continue to search for a police chief.

When asked what that meant and whether the village board would be advertising the position again and seeking more applicants, Gunnufson said the village board was working from a list of ranked applicants.

Gunnufson did not elaborate whether the list of ranked applicants resulted from the interviews conducted for police chief or if those ranked applicants included all of the applications Colfax received.

Gunnufson also did not report whether the village board had voted on any motions in closed session pertaining to the second police chief’s background check, the resignation of the second police chief, or the selection of a third police chief candidate.

The agenda for the special meeting indicated that “police chief background check,” “police chief resignation” and “police chief application review/selection” would be the items addressed by the village board after returning to open session.

Gunnufson also did not say whether the village board planned to offer the position to a third police chief candidate or whether any background checks would be conducted if the position were offered to a third candidate.

Police Chief Gehring’s contract with the Village of Colfax expires April 27.