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Anderson wins Dunn Co. District No. 1 supervisor

By LeAnn R. Ralph

MENOMONIE  — Carol M. Anderson of Sand Creek has won the supervisor position for the Dunn County Board’s District No. 1 over challenger Ralph Sam Follendorf of Colfax.

In the April 1 election, Anderson received 125 votes, while Follendorf received 62 votes.

District No. 1 Incumbent Donald Krause of New Auburn decided not to run for re-election.

Of the remaining 29 positions up for election on the Dunn County Board, Pete Wiese of Menomonie, incumbent supervisor for District No. 14, lost the February 18 primary to Herbert H. White and Todd D. Welch.

During the April 1 election, Welch won the position with 150 votes to 107 votes cast for White.

For District No. 13, incumbent supervisor Alec Kirby filed non-candidacy papers by the deadline last December, and Timothy Mather of Menomonie filed nomination papers for the position. Kirby died two weeks after filing the non-candidacy form, and Steve Rasmussen, chair of the Dunn County Board, appointed Mather to fill the rest of Kirby’s term.

Mather received 241 votes in the April 1 election.

In District No. 12, incumbent supervisor Jill Noreen, Menomonie, was challenged by Clint P. Moses of Menomonie.

Noreen received 122 votes to 97 votes for Moses.

In District No. 17, incumbent supervisor Kelly McCullough of Menomonie received five votes to one vote for Paul Riedel.

McCullough did not file a non-candidacy form by the December deadline and did not file nomination papers by the deadline on January 7, so the deadline was extended until January 10 for all other candidates wishing to file nomination papers for that district.

In District No. 19, incumbent Don Francis of Menomonie filed non-candidacy papers by the deadline on December 27 but no other candidates filed nomination papers for the position.

According to the unofficial election results published on the Dunn County clerk’s website, voters did not write in any candidates April 1 for District No. 19.

The following incumbents filed nomination papers by the deadline on January 7 and did not have any challengers for the election: David Bartlett (Boyceville) (District No. 2); Vaughn Hedlund (Boyceville) (District No. 3); Steven A. Rasmussen (Boyceville) (District No. 4); Gary Stene (Colfax) (District No. 5); Kitz (Catherine) Cleary (Colfax) (District No. 6); Gary Bjork (Colfax) (District No. 7); Charles L. Maves (Boyceville) (District No. 8); Thomas Quinn (Downing) (District No. 9); Calvin Christianson (Menomonie) (District No. 10); Jim Anderson (Menomonie) (District No. 11); Donald Kuether (Menomonie) (District No. 15); Paul E. DeLong (Menomonie) (District No. 16); Sheila D. Stori (Menomonie) (District No. 18); Mary S. Solberg (District No. 20); Robert G. Walter (Menomonie) (District No. 21); Sarah Kennedy (Menomonie) (District No. 22); James Tripp (Menomonie) (District No. 23); Jerome “Pete” Prochnow (Menomonie) (District No. 24); Elton J. Christopherson (Elk Mound) (District No. 25); David Schaefer (Menomonie) (District No. 26); Dale Harschlip (Mondovi) (District No. 27); Richard L. Creaser (Menomonie) (District No. 28); Gary Seipel (Eau Galle) (District No. 29).