Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-19-2014

Time marches on and so do we! We don’t just pass time; we are in the business of using the time we all have to make memories and moments sprinkled with laughter and love.

We like to think that we are your loved one’s extended family. This week our family enjoyed many activity programs. We prayed together and played together.

The devotions, current event discussions, and exercise classes on Monday and Tuesday mornings were a welcome way to start our week. LeAnn was here to help with the arts and crafts in the afternoon on Monday afternoon. Three different tables gave everyone a chance to create something fun. One table featured materials for St. Patrick’s Day bracelets. The other tables were more fun. Who would have thought you could use green peppers as a stamp, or pretzels dipped in almond bark to make shamrocks? Sue did!

The priest from Elk Mound came for Mass Tuesday morning. He has Mass once a month. We played bingo on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Tuesday prizes are an assortment of snacks and fruit and of course beanie babies. Friday residents win coinage. The games are always followed by coffee and fresh cookies. On Tuesday the bar is open for happy hour. Cathy our bartender skillfully serves cocktails, beer, wine, chips and pretzels. Residents revel in each other’s company and conversation.

On Wednesday morning we prayed together at our church service. This week Pastor Conklin from Colfax and Tainer United Melodist Church led the service. Delores Huber was our pianist and Linnea and Veda were here to help. They come many times during the week to help where needed. We are very blessed to have volunteers that come to assist the residents. They read to several residents who are unable to read. They also take people for walks around the building. Sometimes they just sit and visit or help a resident send a card to their families. Wednesday afternoon the Beauty Boutique was open. What pleasure it brings to have your hands manicured. Even some of our gentlemen like to be pampered.

On Thursday morning the volleyball players gathered in the square and got a bang out of playing. No really, they got a BANG! when the volleyball burst! We went to plan B, which was tossing stuffed animals back and forth. The mood continued to be playful when coffee was served. We brought tubs of fresh snow into the Square and made snow men. One thing led to another and soon Cathy was juggling snowballs and a few snowballs even took flight as Laura came in the room. Residents took their snow treasures back to their rooms in bowls to watch them melt. In the afternoon the Square was lined with residents listening to Rudy Rudesill play his guitar. Charming songs filled the room. We have music programs once a week if possible and the residents look forward to all the entertainers who come. Taek came around noon on Thursday to do her magic. She does hand message and manicures. She is also a volunteer from Menomonie.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for the Catholic residents and Glen and Delores led the Gospel Sing. In the afternoon we played bingo. Merle was our caller.

The week marched on here in the land of Colfax where the weather changes its mind as often as the women do.