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Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-12-2014

This week was just another week in paradise. Our residents slept in their cozy beds until they were rested.


 They were served a breakfast especially prepared just for them, as their day began. Meanwhile the housekeepers were keeping residents’ rooms shipshape. The residents’ laundry service was diligently cleaning and delivering fresh clothing to each room. The chefs in the kitchen were skillfully preparing the dinner as well as baking breads, cookies, and bars. The beauty shop’s coiffeuse was in demand providing the residents with chic hair styles. Residents who wished to have a relaxing bathing experience in one of our two Spas enjoyed the luxuries of heated whirlpools, heated towels and scented lotions. Manicures by Taek were also given. The resident’s secretary was in demand keeping track of their appointments. Many residents took advantage of the REX classes (restorative exercise class) offered at 1pm and 5:30 each day. Every day we had planned activity programs that were taken advantage of.

On Monday and Tuesday there was a devotions gathering in the Square. Residents discussed current events and had a little stretch and bend exercise. Before leaving the Square some of those fresh cookies were served with beverage of their choice.

On Monday afternoon the wonderful music provided by Rich Schroeder filled the Square much to the residents delight.

On Tuesday afternoon the bingo theme was Mardi Gras. Bingo aficionadas came to the Square to play and spend the afternoon with their friends. Happy Hour following bingo offered continued socializing opportunities.

The following morning banners in the Square were changed to reflect the beginning of Lent. Pastor John Hosmann from Shepard of the Hill Lutheran Church in Elk Mound led the worship service. Delores Huber was our pianist and Linnea and Veda were here to help staff and residents. In the afternoon Bean Bag Toss was in full swing as residents pitched frogs into a pond. You can check it out on our facebook page: Colfax Health & Rehab.

On Thursday morning the volleyball bounced for about an hour, giving everyone some exercise and entertainment before dinner. Quilting was the reason to gather in the Square in the afternoon. Residents reminisced and everyone said what cookie their families had enjoyed when they did the baking. Sugar and oatmeal seems to be the most popular next to chocolate chip! Residents enjoyed refreshments after the work was done. Cookies and bars were tasted to make sure they were good enough to serve to others. Residents gave the baked goods a thumbs up!

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel sing In the Square. Delores Huber played the music for “Count your Blessings”, and Julie played the flute as Glen and the residents sang. Dime bingo in the afternoon was another chance for residents to get out of their rooms and socialize with friends and family.

The friends and families could be seen throughout the week in many of the six lounges. Three of the lounges have fireplaces for cozy atmospheres. Yes indeed it was another week in paradise here in the land of Colfax where all the men love the finer things in life and all the women are!