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Glenwood City hosts Solo/Ensemble Festival

Glenwood City hosted a Solo & Ensemble Festival on Monday, February 10th.

Schools participating were: Spring Valley, Boyceville, Colfax, and Glenwood City.  The primary purposes of WSMA festivals are to:

• Establish standards of quality for music literature.

• Motivate students to prepare and perform to the best of their abilities.

• Improve students’ understanding of music literature and music concepts

• Provide opportunities for performance of original student compositions.

• Support improvement of school music programs through individual and group achievement.

• Encourage exploration of diverse musical styles and ensemble combinations.

The Wisconsin School Music Association uses the following guidelines for criteria checkmarks:

*I & I – Excellent (consistently outstanding)

II – Very Good (very good performance with only minor shortcomings)

III – Good (demonstrating accomplishment but lacking several essential qualities)

IV – Fair (numerous weaknesses and/or errors)

V – Poor (lacking in fundamental aspects of performance, understanding, or preparation)


*I & I Ratings

*I Tressa Peskar – flute solo

*I Brass/Percussion Ensemble – Richard Ross, Kayla Bloss, Todd Petersen, Gabby Porter, Liam Brandt, Corey Klatt, Nick Schone, Ellen Lindquist, Nic Jensen, Brennan Kessler, Jim Buttles, Jacob Hierlmeier, Jenny Lindquist, Nathan Hill, Mitch Hurtgen, Maddy Wagner, Colton Peskar, Bill Norenberg, Josiah McClelland, Skylar Peterson, Allen Croes

*I Richard Ross-Vocal Solo

*I Lydia McLelland-Musical Theatre Solo

I Nicholas Schone-Vocal Solo

I Nicholas Schone-Musical Theatre Solo

I Isabella Nadeau-Vocal Solo

I Isabella Nadeau-Musical Theatre Solo

I Kaylie Scalze-Vocal Solo

I Rachel Klatt-Vocal Solo

II Ratings

Erin Drinkman-Vocal Solo

Erin Drinkman-Musical Theatre Solo

Katie Nagy-Vocal Solo

Jacob Traynor-Vocal Solo

Jacob Traynor-Musical Theatre Solo

Lydia McLelland-Vocal Solo


I Ratings

Tressa Peskar – piano solo

TTB Triple Trio:  Jacob Hierlmeier, Todd Petersen, Richard Ross, Isaac Tuttle, Liam Brandt, Mitch Hurtgen, Nicholas Schone, Jacob Traynor, Kip Wallace

SSA Double Trio-Marne Lewis, Ellen Lindquist, Sierra Peterson, Dakota Raska, Ashley Holmquist, Mikayla Roberts

Taylor Drinkman-Vocal Solo

Percussion ensemble – Bill Norenberg, Sierra Peterson, Skylar Peterson, Colton Peskar, Josiah McClelland, Skylar Peterson, Allen Croes

Clarinet choir – Katelyn Meyers, Kayla Hill, Leslie Ludtke, Natasha Rassbach, Gabby Peterson, Taylor Drinkman, Kaylie Scalze, Nicole Peabody, Kelsey Magsam, Rachelle Fern, Marne Lewis, Rachel Klatt

Saxophone choir – Maya Petersen, Morgan Kadinger, Dakota Phalin, Kaylie Krueger, Morgan Peterson, Tyler Owen, Jeff Schone, Will Rosenow, Kayla Moe, Andrew Bauman, Charlie Shackett, Abby Kahler

Flute choir – Melina Schultz, Megan Speiser, Emma Scholler, Tressa Peskar, Gabbi Gluege, Bella Gaustad, Anna Brigham, Aubrey Curvello, Darcy Peabody, Jaeda Fern

II Ratings

Kenzie Kruse & Brennan Kessler – flute/euphonium duet

Abby Kremer & Jatelyn Johnson – saxophone duet

Savannah Kessler-Vocal Solo

SSA Triple Trio-Isabella Nadeau, Nicole Gabbert, Gabriella Porter, Lydia McLelland, Natasha Rassbach, Leslie Ludtke, Hannah Ludtke, Kayla Hill, Mikaela Voeltz


I Ratings

Mae Buttles – euphonium solo

Savannah Kessler – flute solo

Winter McIntyre – flute solo

Catherine Schurtz – flute solo

Tia Carlson, Taylor Drinkman, Kaylie Scalze – flute/clarinet trio

Ellen Kessler & Bradley Kessler – trumpet/trombone duet

Abby Kremer – piano solo

Percussion Ensemble – Brandon Barstad, Luz Perez, Allen Croes, Hannah Ludtke, Matt Wink, Brooke Wickman, Natalie Gabbert, Josiah McClelland, Allison Curvello

SSA Triple Trio-Ashley Harkless, Tia Carlson, Kaylie Scalze, Nicole Peabody, Rachelle Fern, Taylor Drinkman, Julie McNamara, Morgan Peterson, Kelsey Magsam

II Ratings

Nic Jensen – French horn solo

III Ratings

Jacob Traynor – oboe solo