Sand Creek Chatter – 1-29-2013

Natalie Peterson and Tanya Miller were Friday evening, January 24th, overnight guests of Gene and Bonnie Peterson.  Natalie and Tanya were present at the Heart Blossom Quilt Shop on Saturday, January 25, for the booksigning of Natalie’s newly published book, “I’m Not the Pastor’s Wife, I’m Just Married to Him”.

Dennis and LouAnn Shuerman of Eau Claire visited George and Delores Vlcek on Wednesday, January 22.  LouAnn is a long-time friend of Delores, both sharing gardening ideas for the coming summer.

Swanee Rasmussen was overwhelmed with many phone calls and cards for her 90th birthday.

Steve and Brenda Gustum entertained their family on Sunday, January 12, when they celebrated their grandson, Sy Munoz’s first birthday, the son of Fernando and Leanna Munoz.  They also celebrated other birthdays that day including Brandon, son of Steve and Brenda and Carol, Steve’s mother.  Present were:  Tony and Erika Wold and three children of St. Paul, Brandon and Amy Gustum, Connie and Phil Cruse, Carol Gustum, Liz Cruse and Mya.

All of Carol Gustum’s children called on her on the day of her January 22nd birthday:  Steve’s family, Sue and Butch Mares, Connie and Phil Cruse, Liz Cruz and Mya, Tom’s family.

Gaylon and Hannah Greenhill took Swanhild Rasmussen to the Farmhouse for noon lunch on Monday, January 13 to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Tom and Caryl Schoen spent Saturday, January 25, with friends in Elk Mound.

Eight-year-old Madi Hanson, the daughter of Karl and Hannah Hanson, won the Jump Rope Finals at her elementary school in Chippewa Falls.  Madi is the granddaughter of Jean Hanson.

Sandy Anderson met Carol Squires of Friendsville, MD at the Eau Claire Airport on Saturday afternoon, January 25.  Carol came to visit her mother, Swanhild Rasmussen, and friends in the area.

Judy Horn celebrated her birthday on Friday, January 24.

Elaine Clemmens celebrated a birthday on Monday, January 27.

Ryan Hanson is having his 16th birthday on Thursday, January 30.

Gene and Bonnie Peterson, Kenny and Sharon Nelson, FloyAnn Lofthus, Wendy and Kylee, Kathy and Lyndon Peterson, Becky and Dan Riewestahl, Joyce and Steve Panasuk and daughter, Kim, all attended the wedding of Logan Lofthus (daughter of Mark Lofthus) and David Hendrick, held in White Bear Lake, MN on Friday night, January 17.

Swanhild Rasmussen received word on Sunday, January 26, that her cousin, Phyllis Klukas of Colfax had passed away.

Sue and Butch Mares served coffee and cake after church services on Sunday, January 26, in honor of Carol Gustum’s 85th birthday.

Michael Nelson and Kelly Nelson Esterby traveled to Maui, Hawaii on January 11-18th.  They went to a conference put on by the Winfield seed company with1600 farmers from across the United States attending.  They took in the activities like zip lining, biking down a volcano, whale watching and touring a sugar cane mill.