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Elk Mound school board increases 2 class fees for 2014-2015

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND — Students at Elk Mound High School will soon begin scheduling classes for next year, which prompted the Elk Mound school board to approve class fees that included two new fees.

The Elk Mound Board of Education approved fees for 37 classes all together at the January 20 meeting.

The two new classes for next year will be Biology II with a course fee of $5, and Chemistry II with a course fee of $10.

It was not clear from the discussion if Chemistry II and Biology II are new classes, or if the classes have been offered before but the course fees are new or different.

Fees for the other 35 classes on the list will remain the same.

The highest course fee at Elk Mound is $45 each for Ceramics I and II and Cabinet Making I and II.

Advanced Art and Sculpture both have a class fee of $35.

Advanced 2D Art and Painting each have a class fee of $25.

Photography I has a class fee of $20, while Photography II has a class fee of $30.

A number of classes have fees of $15: Drawing; Graphic Design I and II; Intro to Technology; Introduction to Art; Video Production I and II; Web Design I and II; Woodworking Tech I and II.

Four classes have fees of $12: Machine Shop I and II and Metals Technology I and II.

Other classes have fees of $10: Chemistry; Construction I and II; Problem Solving and Design; Small Engines I and II.

Anatomy and Physiology have a class fee of $5, while band uniform cleaning costs $7 and choir robe cleaning costs $5.


All three principals spoke about their building goals at the January 20 meeting.

One goal at Elk Mound High School is to identify with 100 percent accuracy all of the students who are in need of academic intervention, said Paul Weber, high school principal.

Elk Mound uses the block scheduling system, but “skinny” classes also are offered, and during the shorter class times students either will be in advanced classes, such as AP Calculus, or will be able to access reading intervention, he said.

Another goal is that by May of 2015, 100 percent of the enrichment students will use the time for trial runs of ACT testing, Weber said.

In March of next year, a focus group of freshmen and sophomores will participate in ACT preparation, and then the scores of the two groups will be compared to see if the prep time is effective, he said.

Strategies also will be used in the classroom on a daily basis to help students prepare for the ACT, Weber said.

Mound View

Intervention also is part of Mound View Elementary’s goals.

One of Mound View’s goals is that on the 2014-2015 state report card, third and fourth grade students will be at least five points above the state average on reading achievement, said Eric Hanson, elementary principal.

Another goal is that on the 2014-2015 state report card, mathematics achievement will increase at least three points over the 2012-2013 report card, he said.

A third goal is that by the end of this year, at least 80 percent of the Mound View students will be proficient on a locally-developed problem solving assessment, Hanson said.

Two other goals are that teachers in four-year-old kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade and teachers in grades two, three and four will use assessments as screeners and progress monitoring tools to identify the appropriate intervention for students with 100 percent accuracy on a monthly basis, he said.

Middle school

Elk Mound Middle School also is focusing on intervention in reading and math with the overall goal of improving student achievement in both reading and math.

One goal is that on the 2014-2015 school report card, students with disabilities or who are economically disadvantaged or with limited English proficiency, will decrease both the reading and math achievement gap by five points, said Eric Wright, middle school principal.

Other business

In other business, the Elk Mound Board of Education:

• Learned that ten more students had registered at Mound View Elementary with a total enrollment now of 515.  All together, 19 more students attend school in the district since the student count in September.

• Approved a variety of low bids for paper totaling $18,579.66: Paper 101 for 520 cases of white paper at $24.88 per case for a total of $12,937.60; Paper 101 for $4,261.86 for colored paper, larger white paper and card stock; Marshfield Book And Stationery for $610.85 for construction paper and paper rolls; School Specialty for $682.85 for construction paper, railroad board, file folders, white drawing paper and paper rolls; Quill for $86.50 for file folders. The paper bids represent a savings of $370 over last year.

• Approved openings for open enrollment of 90 students at Mound View Elementary; 85 students at Elk Mound Middle School; and 200 students at Elk Mound High School. School districts are required to report how many openings are available for open enrollment, said Dr. Ron Walsh, superintendent. Reporting the openings available are particularly useful for larger school districts that may need to close certain schools to open enrollment when no space is available for more students, he said.

• Approved a policy revision on visitors to school requiring registered sex offenders to give prior notification before visiting school property. The building principal will determine if the sex offender will be allowed on school premises. State law prohibits registered sex offenders from being on public school premises unless they have provided the required prior notification to school officials or fall under one of the exceptions provided by the law.

• Set school board meetings for 7 p.m. on February 20, March 31, April 28 and at 5 p.m. on May 19.