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Colfax students perform in choir of 1,250 singers

Five Colfax High School seniors performed with a select choir of singers from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Minnesota January 13-14.  Seniors Heidi Lieffort, Kristen Spadgenske, and Georgette Wendt along with juniors Natalie Dworak and Abbie Greenwell sang at the annual Dorian Vocal Festival at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

The massed choir was under the direction of Luther College choir directors Dr. Allan Hightower, Dr. Jennaya Robinson.  In addition to rehearsing and performing with over 1000 singers, the students performed solos for judges, and heard concerts featuring Cedar Rapid Kennedy’s Chamber choir and three Luther choirs.

Heidi Lieffort had the special opportunity to participate in Dorian’s Chamber Choir, a group of 99 singers from within the choir.  Chamber Choir students gathered a day early on Luther’s campus to learn extra music.

“Dorian is a fantastic experience,” stated Abbie Greenwell, “Every year the students who went always have so many new ways to make our own choir better.  It’s a great way to get kids checking out what college could be like.”  Said Dworak, “I sang notes higher than I ever dreamed I could!  My section (soprano 1) was so large and talented that we had no problem reading music and singing loudly!”  As far as the Colfax participants, Dworak stated, “We are all better leaders now.  It gave us more experience and a feel for different sounds.”  Lieffort agreed, “I learned how to sing with a more mature sound (from your tummy and not your neck).  I learned that even though you think you are over-enunciating words, it sounds perfect.”  Choir director Carrie Christensen added, “Dorian can be a transforming experience for students, but these five particularly absorbed everything they could.  Their enthusiasm was contagious.  They were strong musicians before, but at Dorian they seemed to soak up everything and returned to Colfax inspired to lead and teach what they’ve learned.”