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Colfax Health & Rehab News – 1-22-2014

We started our week with a wonderfully warm day on Sunday. The 22ers 4H club kids played bingo with the residents that afternoon. Before going home, the kids went out into the court yard and proceeded to build 3 snow men. Residents watched with delight as the hats and eyes were placed and red scarfs were snuggly tucked in about the snowmen’s necks. Milk and donut holes were not wasted when the kids came back indoors.

 On Monday morning at devotions residents noticed the big snow man could not withstand the wind and was strewn over the yard. By mid-afternoon the snow was idly floating down. Rudy Rudesill entertained us in the afternoon. He played bluesy, country music. The kitchen had fresh baked cookies for residents to enjoy after the concert.

On Tuesday morning Veda led Devotions, reading and exercise. As the world outside the Square was filling up with snow, we gathered back in the Square in the afternoon to Play Bingo! Residents had bags of treats to take back to their rooms. A few residents stayed for happy hour and visited with their friends. Outside the only sound was the sweep of an easy wind and downy flakes.

On Wednesday the strong wind and deep snow did not stop Pastor Schoenknecht and Delores Huber. They led the Church service in the morning. In the afternoon the Beauty Boutique opened its doors. Chipped nails and dry hands were turned into beautifully polish manicured hands. The ladies solved many of the problems in the world as their nails dried, but what is said in Beauty Boutique stays in Beauty Boutique! The 22ers 4H club kids came back and put on a skit for residents in the evening. They are a talented bunch!

On Thursday morning it was time to exercise. Residents played volleyball in the morning and attended REX class at 1 o’clock. At 2 o’clock the Square was bustling with bowlers. We have a contraption that holds the bowling ball and all residents have to do is aim it and give the ball a little push. Now if we could only figure out how to automatically set up the bowling pins! We would like to present a traveling bowling trophy to the winner each month. The winner would keep the trophy until the next bowling tournament. If anyone has an old trophy to donate, please contact Penny in activities.

On Friday morning Glen and Delores led the Gospel Sing. Veda and Linea were here to help. The Bloomer High School Lifetime Fitness Class presented a Juggling Show. Julie Koehler does a fine job teaching this class. The students seem to get better every year she comes to our facility. Dime Bingo kept residents busy after the performance. Despite the snowdrifts and wind chill this week residents were kept warm and occupied with great food and activity programs. A special thanks to all the volunteers and staff who bring their own sunshine to our residents on these cold winter days.

That’s all for now here in the land of Colfax where the men are still wearing Packer Jackets and the women are too! Stay warm and stay happy!