“Polar Vortex” brings bone chilling cold weather

By Kelsie Hoitomt

What is being called the “Polar Vortex” brought record breaking cold temperatures last Sunday evening through Tuesday (Jan. 8).

The weather brought near -30 degree temperatures, not including the wind chill, to the Glenwood City area, which was reflected on bank and school signs in the early morning last Monday.

The cold shut down schools for two days until the temperature finally hit near zero with little wind on Wednesday.

In Madison, the recorded temperature last Monday was nine below zero, which was the city’s lowest daytime high since the 1990’s according to the Weather Channel.

This Polar Vortex also wreaked havoc on the East Coast where nearly two feet of snow was recorded by cities in Massachusetts.

The Weather Channel stated that the coldest day of the 21st century thus far nationally was last Monday. That is also the coldest day since January of 1997.

However, those temperatures are no comparison to the arctic outbreaks in December of 1983 and 1989.

Those years make the records because the cold spanned over a month, whereas this recent Polar Vortex lasted only a few days.

The temperature stayed above zero so far this week, but looks to hit the negative degrees at night this coming weekend.