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Colfax Health and Rehab – 1-15-2014

January is in full swing. The official count down until spring is only 63 days! The first day of spring is March 20, 2014. The promise of warmer weather has lifted everyone’s spirits.

 On Monday Steve Szydell entertained us with his guitar and sound equipment that makes one think you were listening to a band not a single musician. Steve will be back in March.

On Tuesday afternoon we had our regularly scheduled Bingo game followed by Happy Hour. That activity is one of our residents’ favorite pastimes. Everyone goes home with a bag full of winnings. Many stay for coffee and homemade treats. The kitchen’s bakers have been baking up a storm which pleases residents and staff alike. So much for that New Year’s resolution to drop a few of pounds! However, we do get our share of exercise. We have two exercise classes seven days a week. These Rex Classes are well attended and led by the restorative RNAs. We also have morning devotion, reading and exercise two days every week. This week we had volleyball one afternoon and a bean bag tournament on another afternoon. Both activities were well attended, but we did have coffee and fresh baked cookies when those events were over. We have to keep up our strength so we can exercise! Our spiritual needs are taken care of with Sunday Church on the TV and radio broadcast from Grace Lutheran Church in Eau Claire.

We also have a Church service on Wednesday mornings. This week Pastor Walck from Colfax Lutheran Church led the service. Deloris Huber was our pianist.

On Friday morning Loretta Logslett led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Our Gospel sing in the Square was led by Glen Edberg and Julie McNaughton with Deloris once again playing the piano. It was Glen’s birthday on Friday, he was 29 again…We have 8 residents who have birthdays in January. The Kiwanis Club provides a large birthday balloon to each of our birthday people. Veda and Linnea have been here helping almost every day this week despite the bitter cold early in the week.

Taek came from Menomonie on Thursday to do special hand care for several residents. Taek is always a ray of sunshine when she comes to volunteer her time, “gomapseumnida Taek”. The residents made dog bones on Thursday. One of our residents Marvel Entzminger visited with us while she cut out the dog bones. She said her father owned a bakery in St Paul and she had worked for him after school. Marvel’s whole name is “Marvel Ovedia Wangensteen Entzminger”. Her father’s name was Martin Olson when he came to America but decided to change it to his mother’s maiden name “Wangensteen” because there were too many Olsons around.

That is probably enough news for one week here in the land of Colfax where successful men are those who can make more money than their wives can spend and a successful women is one who can find such a man.