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Cedar Country ‘Guess Your Gas’ nets 23 winners & $3,000 for CHRC

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Cedar Country Cooperative’s “Guess Your Gas” event December 19 ended up with 23 winners and netted $3,000 for the Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center.

Paul Diemert, general manager of Cedar Country Co-op, presented the money to Colfax Health and Rehab January 9.

The “Guess Your Gas” event was part of Cedar Country Cooperative’s grand opening in Colfax after remodeling the convenience store and installing new gas pumps and gas tanks.

Employees from Colfax Health and Rehab braved the cold on December 19 to pump gas for Cedar Country customers and recorded the customers’ guesses on the dollar amount it would take to fill their gas tanks.

Customers who guessed within 50 cents either above or below the actual cost received their tank of gas for free.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Karen Kressin, health information coordinator at CHRC.

The “Guess Your Gas” event started out with free tanks of gas for those who guessed within 25 cents, but after the first couple of hours and no winners, Chuck Brown, manager of the Colfax store, decided to increase the amount to 50 cents.

The result was 23 people who guessed their way to a free tank of gasoline.

Customers at Cedar Country were texting their friends and family members to remind them about the “Guess Your Gas” event, Kressin noted.

Cedar Country Cooperative, as part of the “Guess Your Gas” initiative, donated $1,000 to Colfax Health and Rehab.

Cedar Country Cooperative’s vendor partners, CoBank and Land O Lakes, also donated checks of $1,000 each for a total of $3,000.

The money will be used for the memorial gazebo in the courtyard at Colfax Health and Rehabilitation Center’s new facility on Park Drive.

Construction of the new $11 million facility finished last summer, and residents moved from the old facility on University Avenue to the new facility on Park Drive on August 1.

The new Colfax Health and Rehab includes a skilled nursing unit, a Community Based Residential Facility, a rehabilitation unit, physical therapy provided by Midwest Physical Therapy, and assisted living apartments.

Colfax Health and Rehab launched a capital campaign early last year to raise $500,000 over several years as part of the requirement for the loan from USDA Rural Development.

CHRC held a grand opening for the new facility in early September.