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Jesus – A Poem by Dorothy Burton

Jesus – A Poem by Dorothy Burton

There was a man of Galilee,

Who walked this earth years ago

He taught us how we ought to live,

And things we need to know,

On how to get to the narrow road

That leads to heaven’s gate.

His blood was made the ransom price

To deliver from sin’s fate.


His example in living was perfect.

His words were wise and good.

And His compassion never, ever failed

When one in great need stood.

He healed the sick and raised the dead,

And made the blind to see.

With a miracle fed multitudes

And never charged a fee.


He served in love and spoke the truth,

And was not afraid of men.

For pretentious right, and living wrong,

He told them greatly then.

He lived on earth 33 years,

The Bible tells the story.

They crucified the Son of God.

He arose from death and went to glory.


Dorothy Burton

Downing, WI