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Colfax Health and Rehab – 1-8-2014

2013! The first year we moved into our NEW building! We welcome 2014 and are looking forward to another great year! The Packers won an exciting game on Sunday.

 On Monday afternoon Dale Martell was here to tickle our ears with his fiddle.

On New Year’s Eve we had a big celebration. The Square was festooned with streamers announcing 2014. Hats and crowns adorned residents while they played Dime Bingo. Whistle blowing squawker flutes and whirly noise makers contributed to the merriment. Each table had a centerpiece with a bottle of champaign in an ice bucket. When the last winners were awarded their prizes, Jill Gengler our administrator “popped” the champaign and made the first toast. More staff members joined the celebration and helped us welcome 2014.

New Year’s Day was a more peaceful day for the residents. The regular Rex Classes were held as usual and a wonderful dinner and supper made the day special. The holiday treats were great but this week the chef treated us to a lemon-lavender cookie that was out of this world.

By Thursday morning everyone was very glad they didn’t have to go outside in the frozen icy cold weather. We however did stay toasty warm and well-entertained when Rich Schroeder played his guitar and crooned for us in the afternoon.

On Friday morning Gospel sing was held. Glen, Julie and Delores are here every Friday in spite of the weather. In the afternoon we had our Dime Bingo in the Square. Volunteers Veda, Linnea, Claire, Merle, Taek and Leona Ubbelhode all helped to make the week special for so many residents.

Those are some of the things we enjoyed this week here is the land of Colfax, where the women are strong and the men are good looking and all the children are above average.