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Elk Mound approves $778,500 general fund budget and $325,000 water and sewer

By LeAnn R. Ralph

ELK MOUND — The Elk Mound Village Board has approved for 2014 a general fund budget of $778,449 and a water and sewer budget of $325,037.

 Although no village residents attended, the village board held a public hearing on the budgets December 18 and then approved the budgets at a village board meeting following the public hearing.

The general fund budget of $778,449 compares to a budget for 2013 of $612,308, representing a 27 percent increase.

The University Street project of $166,000 in 2014 accounts for much of the budget increase.

The 2014 general fund budget also includes a contingency fund of $52,000, representing a 466 percent increase over the 2013 contingency fund of $9,500.

The water and sewer budget for 2014 of $325,037 represents a 2.52 percent decrease over the 2013 budget.

Other business

In other business, the Elk Mound Village Board:

• Learned that the Elk Mound Police Department had handled 15 fewer incidents in November than in October. The decreased number was due to not as many EMS calls or traffic stops, said Travis Hakes, Elk Mound police chief.

• Learned that Hakes had reviewed and updated the department’s firearms policy. If an incident were to occur in Elk Mound involving a firearm and the Department of Justice became involved and pulled the policy, the village could be in trouble with a policy that is not up to date.

• Approved a list of election inspectors for 2014: Normetta Hurlburt (chief inspector); Julie Conlin (chief inspector); Faylene Howe; Marilyn Lutzen; Carol Heimstead; Margaret Dieter; Katie Johnson; Audrey Bracher; Sharon Hanson; Barb Lokrantz.

• Approved canceling the January 1 meeting and only having one meeting next month on January 15.

• Approved a Class B fermented malt beverage retailer’s license and retail “Class C” wine license application for Kimberly Berry Reese for “The Junction.”