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Colfax Health and Rehab Center – 12-18-2013

It’s all good! Our Christmas recipe this week was followed according to the book. First add Church Service from Grace Lutheran Church on TV. Add coffee and cookies. Mix in REX Classes and Football games in the afternoon. Let this rest until Monday.

Monday morning add Devotions, Reading Group and a Pinch of exercise followed by coffee and another plate of cookies. In the afternoon stir in 23 singing kids from the Senior Choir at the high school. Let them sing until done then add 23 more cookies to the group.

On Tuesday morning take out the ingredients for Beauty Boutique. Gather all the hands needed and gently apply beautiful colors to their fingertips. Let hands sit for 10 minutes and add cookies and coffee. Tuesday afternoon place Bingo cards on tables. Gather players, add a variety of chocolate treats, popcorn, and bananas, and stir in a reasonable amount of spirits for happy hour along with coffee and cookies. At 6 pm have REX Class stir up lots of laughter and then let everything rest.

On Wednesday morning light the candles for church. Add music and watch voices rise. In the afternoon add 42 singing kids from the 7th and 8th grade choir. Mix them up in the Square with 40 residents and Carrie Christianson the director. Listen carefully until done. Immediately add 90 cookies.

On Thursday stir in Volleyball in the morning add cookies and coffee if needed. Our recipe called for Dale Martell and his music in the afternoon. However this ingredient had to be rescheduled for December 30th, so we substituted “Lots of fun playing wheel of Fortune.” Cookies and coffee are optional at that time. They can be added later. Let everything rest overnight.

In the morning when everyone rises, gather in Square for Gospel sing. Add one Glen, one Julie and one Delores on the piano. Then add one Loretta to lead Rosary for the Catholic Residents. In the afternoon add a special group from the Independent Bible Church and the Gustom kids. Then add smiles and happy faces with their music. Add a platter of cookies and coffee.

On Saturday evening a very special final ingredient is added. Assemble residents in the Square. Carefully stir in 15 dancing kids from Penny’s Dance studio in Bloomer. Watch as they perform selections from the Nutcracker suite. Applaud generously and serve with platters of cookies and coffee. That is  just one of our old family recipes here in the land of Colfax where these recipes are made possible with the help of many volunteers and performers.