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From the Village President – 12-4-2013

Attitude Reflects Leadership

We are all leaders! We are all here [serving on the village board] because of our similarities and our differences. We cannot be an effective board if we all agree on everything.

As we continue to be passionate about what the best decisions are, we subject ourselves to the risk of letting our attitudes overshadow our leadership abilities.

I have come to realize there are many different ways of communicating our perspectives. Some of these perspectives are conveyed in a more negative way, and others are conveyed in a more cordial way and are negotiated.

I also realize that no goal can be effectively accomplished through negative attitudes and a doubting approach that assumes failure from the beginning.

I would encourage everyone on the village board — and the people of the community — to approach issues with a positive mind-set and think about how to make things succeed instead of focusing on all the things that will make it fail.

I understand that not everything will have a positive result, but handling the issues in a positive way will bring less animosity within the group and will have the potential of delivering the most effective solution.

Scott Gunnufson
President, Village of Colfax