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Sand Creek Chatter – 11-27-2013

This week was filled with an assortment of events and programs along with lots of cookies and coffee designed to help our residents enjoy themselves.

 On Monday afternoon we had a “Show or Tell”. Sue Hill showed her large collection of View Masters. The first View Master was introduced at the New York World Fair in 1939. It was originally designed for adults as a 3-D view of national parks and monuments. In World War II the U.S. Military purchased thousands of View Masters and reels for training purposes to identifying aircrafts and ships. It later became a popular children’s toy and over the past 75 years millions of reels and View Masters have been sold. Residents had fun actually using and reminiscing with the View Masters from the collection.

Our residents gathered in the “Square” for our Resident Council on Tuesday morning. It is a time for residents to tell us what is working and what they would like to have improved. Of course when we finished with the meeting we enjoyed cookies and coffee. In the afternoon Bingo players trekked into the Square. Once again coffee and cookies were served after the games. Happy Hour began at 3:30 when beverage and chips were served and enjoyed by many.

On Wednesday afternoon we had “Target Practice”. We have a laser pistol and a log holding cans and bottles. The realistic BANG and flying cans and bottles made everyone laugh. With deer hunting on the horizon there was much talk of the one that got away while we enjoyed cookies and coffee. In the evening on Wednesday our favorite music therapist, River Boat Randy played in the CBRF and later in the East Ridge Dining Room. He plays a guitar and residents are given an assortment of small instruments to play along with him.

On Thursday morning we played Volleyball followed with more cookies and coffee. The baker had fresh ginger cookies that were still warm and soft. We were greatly entertained in the afternoon when JC Colby played his guitar and sang country tunes.

On Friday afternoon residents made another journey to the bingo hall to play Dime Bingo. Of course we had coffee and cookies after the games.

We do play and eat a lot but residents also have devotions, reading and exercise on Mondays and Tuesdays. REX classes are available two times a day. Wednesday morning we have church services. Pastor Walck led the service this week that included communion. Loretta Logslett led Rosary and Glen and Julie led the regular Friday morning Gospel Sing. Delores accompanied them on the piano. She also plays for our church services on Wednesday. Taek comes on Thursday’s to do special manicures. Linnea comes to help where needed and read to residents. Veda is here several days a week. LeAnn Mayner volunteers on Wednesdays. Leona Ubbelhode comes on the weekends to visit with residents. Merle helps with Bingo on Fridays. Vonnie Flesberg visits often. We are very thankful for all the volunteers that help to make every day special for our residents.

It was another prodigious week here in the land of Colfax where the first white blanket of snow pleased the hunters so they can track their deer and thrills the women because they don’t have to see the leaves they failed to flee from their lawns.