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Hay River Helpers hold awards night

On November 11, 2013 the Hay River Helpers held their monthly meeting at Tiffany Creek Elementary.  This was a special night enjoyed by everyone!


We had awards night.  The theme for the meeting was western.  First we played games that included flicking cards into a hat and lasso a post.  After that we said the pledges, took attendance, the secretary’s report and treasurers report were also given.  After that Missy handed out the awards.

The people that got plaques were: Nathan Corr, Kaylee Hessler, Connor Larson, and Brayden Miller.  Junior Pins were awarded to Ella Holden, Cadence Kurr, and Connor Larson.  Senior Pins were awarded to Linzy Ayers, Rian Corr, and Kyle Holden.  The Junior Achievment award is given for a good record book.  This award was given to Kaylee Hessler and Nathan Corr.  Rian Corr received an Honor Certificate for Mechanical Science and Corey Klatt also got an Honor Certificate for Vegetables.  There were two awards given out to explorers, this award was given to Ella Holden and Cadence Kurr.  Oliver Hoff, Calista Kurr, Cendall Kurr, Jacob Nelson, Makayla Nelson, and Treylin Thorson were all given a Cloverbud award.  Discs were awarded as follows:  Linzy Ayers-Arts and Crafts, Nathan Corr-Legos, Rian Corr-Legos, Kaylee Hessler-Horses, Kayla Hoff-Photography, Kyle Holden-Swine, Corey Klatt-Dogs, Connor Larson-Legos, Brayden Miller-Woodworking, Jerod Nelson-Drawing and Painting, Jordan Nelson-Drawing and Painting, Caitlyn Pelikan-Foods, Sam Retz-Beef, Robbie Thorson-Aerospace

We are holding a tee-shirt design contest for our clubs new 4-H shirt.  The person who wins the contest will get their shirt for free.  Our next meeting is December 2nd at 6:30 we will be doing a community service project and having our Christmas party.  If you would like to join 4-H please contact Missy Klatt (715)-665-2127.

Respectively submitted,

Kaylee Hessler