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GC FFA students attend National Convention

By: Jenna Magsam

The Glenwood City FFA Chapter chose five members to go to the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky from October 30th-November 2nd. The students, Kaitlin Konders, Jim Buttles, Jenna Magsam, Abigail Kahler, and Kip Wallace, went on behalf of their chapter to represent Glenwood City, Wisconsin.


The theme of the convention was to ignite the FFA spirit in schools around the United States. In one of the sessions a National FFA Officer said, “FFA members need to fuel their passion, spark action, and fuel FFA.” This is exactly what the chosen students want to accomplish in our FFA chapter here at Glenwood City. They want to be able to ignite passion for FFA in themselves in order to help the other members in FFA find and ignite their spark for their spirit in FFA.

At the National Convention, these students went to a workshop about diversity and fitting in. In this workshop, every participant had a colored circle with a shape drawn in the middle of it. There was 30 seconds to find other participants with the same color and shape. Through this activity, the participants found out the importance of communication. When the time was up, and the participants didn’t have a group, they felt like they didn’t fit in. For those that felt this way, some participants already in a group were telling them, that felt left out, to just pretend they had that same shape and color and join the already formed group. Through this, the participants found out the importance of how you should reach out to outsiders to ask them to join your group of friends. This was just one of the many things the chosen members, from the GC FFA Chapter, brought home to work on in their leadership skills. Also at the National FFA Convention, Dierks Bentley and Jana Kramer did a concert for the FFA members. The GC FFA chosen members made many great memories, met new friends around the world, and brought back many great ideas how to lead their FFA chapter better.