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Sand Creek Chatter – 11-6-2013

Ben Weyerhaeuser from Oregon stopped on Oct. 27 to visit his grandmother, Elaine Toycen and stayed a few days.

Tom and Caryl Schoen returned home on Oct. 24 from an 8-day trip to Nashville.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Doris Arcand, whose funeral service was held at the Bloomer Baptist church on Friday, Oct. 25 when Pastor Bob Koepp officiated. Music was provided by Lynn Dietsche as the organist and the singers were Mark Dietsche and Walter Loofboro.

Mrs. Tom Gustum attended the visitation and George and Delores Vlcek and Swanhild Rasmussen attended the funeral service for Doris Arcand at the Bloomer Baptist church on Oct. 25.

Leland and Katherine Tallman from a suburb of Denver, CO visited Herb and Doris Tallman in Sand Creek area and Wilmar and Shirley Hetke in the Bloomer area during Halloween week.

Henry and Alden Berg, Rod Dahl, Martin Tandberg, Gene Peterson and Clyde Allison spent several days of Oct. 29 and 30 replacing and rebuilding steps at Luther Park last week.

On Monday, Oct. 28, Judy Reetz drove to Elmwood High School to attend a band concert in which her granddaughter, Addysen Welch participated.

Kylee Loftus returned home on Nov. 2 from attending the National FFA National Convention in Louisville, KY.

A birthday supper was held at the home of Wendy and Chad Lauterbach for Dalton Lauterbach’s 12th birthday and also to honor Barry Loftus whose birthday was Oct. 28th.

Richard and Kass Loftus and Noel visited Barry and Floy Ann Loftus on Sunday evening, Oct. 27 to help Barry celebrate his birthday.

Sue Favero recently returned from a 7-day Medical Mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala. Over 60 surgeries were provided for the “poorest of the poor”. Many of them, Mayan, from the mountains, traveled by foot for miles for the surgery which included General, Gynecology, Podiatry and Endoscopy.

Elaine Clemmens, Sue Favero, Elaine Toycen and Swanee Rasmussen attended the Nov. 2 Bluegrass Jam at the School on Sat. evening. It was interesting to see locals, Abigail and Lisa Gustum participate.

Jerry Loftus joined Heather Harsh, who is also an EMT Firefighter, and some friends for dinner at the Farmhouse in Colfax on Oct. 29. The Farmhouse has now moved to Bloomer.

Lacey Loftus is recovering at the home of her parents, Jerry and Becky Loftus following knee surgery at Mayo Hospital in Eau Claire, on Friday, Nov. 1.

Lance Loftus represented Chetek-Weyerhauser High School at Eagle River on Sat. Nov. 2 when he received honors in welding, especially the interview.

Brandon Westholm, Lance Loftus and Brad Zimmerman are now participating in Bowling for Chetek-Weyerhauser High School.

Jim and Jessica Hanson send greetings via a letter to the community and area friends. Below are some excerpts from their letter (to learn further details of this letter, contact Swanee Rasmussen) “Greetings from Guatemala! It is completely amazing that we have been living in Guatemala for 2 months! October has mostly been going to school and celebrating birthdays. Jim and I have completed 5 weeks of Spanish language school. Our daily schedule has been dropping the kids off at school and driving the near 30 min. drive to Antigua, where we study one-on-one with a teacher. Please continue to pray for our whole family as we learn the language. The boys are also studying Spanish at school, so there are nights that we are all studying and practicing Spanish. The girls have even picked up a few words and practice writing out words form Spanish/English books.

Nearly every weekend the boys have been invited to get togethers with friends.

Thank you all for your prayers! We have felt them. We have had an amazingly smooth transition. Not that there haven’t been challenges, but we have felt peace through it all.

We have been able to meet many other families, with unique ministries here in Guatemala. We are thankful for your love, prayers and support.”