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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-23-2013

The news this week is all good. Our residents have been enjoying the beautiful fall climate. Leona Ubbelohde visited and that is always good. She is so cheerful.  With many shades of orange, gold and yellow colors there was much to see both outdoors and indoors.

 The thirty five orange pumpkins residents painted and decorated on Monday afternoon brought smiles to those who saw them. The pumpkins were displayed in the Square until after our Oktoberfest Mel’s diner event at noon on Wednesday. Speaking of Octoberfest…we had our version of Octoberfest in October not September. We decorated the Square with blue and white checked table cloths. Beer steins on the center of tables were overflowing with pretzels. Residents wet their whistles with Leinenkugel’s Octoberfest Beer while waiting for their dinner to be served.  The menu was homemade brats infused with maple from Kyle’s Market, spaetzles with sauerkraut, bacon and onions, rutabagas and a three layer pumpkin desert. The dinner guests had the chefs come out of the kitchen and gave them a standing “O” for the marvelous meal.

Wednesday was a busy day because we also had our regular church service in the morning. Pastor Barb Koch from New Hope Lutheran church in Sand Creek led the service. In the afternoon we had Beauty Boutique in the Salon.

Thursday morning many residents joined us in a fun filled game of volleyball. In the afternoon we had our October “Show or tell”. Show or tell is a monthly program where we invite people to tell us about their hobby, their trip photos or any other special thing they will share with our residents. This month we had Dan Massopust, known as D’Masso. Dan is a sculpture from Eau Claire. He showed pictures and some examples of his work and how it is done. He also offers classes in Eau Claire. You can see his work online at

Friday morning Loretta led Rosary in the East Ridge Family Dining Room.  Glen and Julie led a Gospel Sing in the Square. Delores Huber was our pianist. She and Glen sang a special duet for our enjoyment. Veda and Linnea were here to help several times this week. Merle was here for Dime Bingo in the afternoon on Friday.

Saturday the Square had coffee and bars for residents to enjoy while working on puzzles or playing checkers with friends. The “Hollywood Game” in the afternoon was well attended. The Square offers coffee and cookies after breakfast and all thru the day every day. Residents can entertain their family in the Square anytime there is no planned activity. That’s just some of what took place this week in the land of Colfax where the men, even one of our maintenance men, “Matt” was seen bringing in some orange decorations. Wait a minute. Those aren’t decoration. Those were snow shovels!