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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-9-2013

It’s October already! By the time you get your Messenger there will be only 75 shopping days until Christmas! That’s something the stores and TV ads are promoting, not us. Instead we encourage residents to enjoy each day.

 We offer a variety of activity programs they may want to attend. Some people like to sleep in and have a late breakfast, while others are up at the crack of dawn. Early birds have breakfast and sometimes go to the Square for coffee and cookies. It is a good time to visit with friends or just read newspapers and watch the morning news. Leona Ubbelhode often visits with residents in the morning; a visit looked forward to by many.

On Mondays and Tuesdays we have devotions at 10am. Reading group starts about 10:30 and it is followed be stretching and a little morning exercise.

On Wednesday morning we have a church service. This week Pastor Sands from Hay River and Ridgeland Lutheran Church in Ridgeland led the service. Delores Huber was our faithful pianist. Linnea and Veda were here to help where needed.

On Thursday morning Fr. Henry R. Hoerburg, the Priest from St. Joseph Parishes, led the Mass for our Catholic residents. Meanwhile back in the Square the volleyball players lined up and played for an hour before it was dinner time.

On Friday morning Loretta led rosary in the East Ridge Family Dining Room. When Rosary was over residents joined others in the Square for a Gospel Sing led by Julie and Delores. Delores plays the piano and Julie plays the Flute. Linnea and Veda were her to help residents with their hymnals. Sunday mornings the Grace Lutheran Church broadcast their service on both radio and television. Many residents are blessed with these services. The afternoon activities this week were a Resident Council Meeting on Monday. October Activity Calendars were distributed. After the meeting residents had coffee and scrumptious cookies.

On Tuesday we had Bingo and Happy Hour. The Square is filled with residents anticipating what prizes they will take back to their rooms.

On Wednesday afternoon we had Beauty Boutique. While waiting for their turn to be pampered some residents cut coupons for thrifty shoppers.

On Thursday afternoon we had a Joy Ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for a fun activity next week. The gift shop was a pleasant retreat from the rain. With our van loaded with residents and 35 pumpkins we returned home and joined the folks watching a movie and munching on buttered popcorn.

Friday’s Dime Bingo was well attended with residents and some family members. Merle Roth was our Caller, Linnea came to assist the players. Pat Neill’s family hosted a Birthday party for her in the Square after Dime Bingo.

On Saturday afternoon residents gathered for a card game we call “Hollywood”. This was another fun week to write about. Once again that is just a little of what we did here in the land of Colfax where the men are assiduously contented and the women are unremittingly cheerful.