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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-25-2013

It was an ideal week. Residents were able to get outdoors and stroll around the courtyards. The Packers beat the Redskins on Sunday. The rain changed our dry spell. What more could we ask for?

 On Monday morning residents gave thanks at devotions, discussed current events and limbered up with an exercise session. The REX classes at 1 and 6 were very well attended. The evening bounce ball is now being played in the Rotunda (that is the round area outside the Square). In the afternoon Sue demonstrated the making of “Pizzelles”. The Italian cookie reminded residents of Krumkake.

On Tuesday afternoon the Bingo Hall was teeming with anxious bingo players. Later in the afternoon the bar opened. It was Happy Hour Time. This week’s special drink was a Mojito. This mint cocktail was really good!

On Wednesday morning Pastor Schweitzer from Bethany Lutheran Church led the Church service. Delores Huber was our pianist and Linnea Thompson assisted where needed. The Beauty Boutique opened at 1:30. Manicures and hand massages were given to many ladies and gentlemen. The Salon was overflowing with conversation and colorful nails.

Volleyball was the Thursday morning program. We did more laughing than volleying the ball. In the afternoon the Square was full of residents who are JC Colby Fans. The music from his guitar and vocals is mesmerizing. He puts panache in Country Music. He will have another performance here November 14th.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Julie and Delores led the Gospel Sing. Linnea was here again to help. She comes often during the week to read to residents and help where needed. Dime Bingo in the Square started at 2PM. Merle Roth was the Caller.

By the time Saturday rolled around residents were ready to play Hollywood and help Eileen Hoton celebrate her 91st birthday with cake and ice cream.

That’s some of the news here during the last week of Summer, 2013 in the land of Colfax where the chaps are gentlemen and the females are ladies.