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Commercial Testing Laboratory, Inc. and CTL Foods, Inc. announces new management

COLFAX — Commercial Testing Laboratory, Inc. established in 1952, an analytical testing lab and CTL Foods, Inc. established in 1972, a dry blending, packaging and manufacturing facility, announced that Peter Klug has become the sole Owner and President of CTL Holding Company, the parent company of Commercial Testing Lab and CTL Foods. Also announced was the appointment of Linda Schwend as Vice President of both Commercial Testing Laboratory and CTL Foods. Peter Klug has been involved with CTL since 1982, first as an outside consultant and then as the director of finance in 2000. Linda Schwend started with CTL in 1998 as human resources director. In 2003, Peter and Linda became minority shareholders in the company along with the majority owner and former president Michael Bean, who has now retired.

Pam Gane, Laboratory Manager, has been with Commercial Testing Laboratory since 1974, will continue as lab manager. Craig Peterson, Plant Manager, has been with CTL Foods since 1975, will continue as plant manager. Along with the other experienced managers and employees, the goal is to move as a team into the future by exploring new products and customer development, continuing to provide premium services and products to our current customers, and promoting the Something Special from Wisconsin® products.

About CTL Companies 

Commercial Testing Laboratory is proud to serve our customers environmental (water) testing services, food testing services and custom testing services. CTL is certified by State of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources. The Lab also holds certification in Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) including private water testing. Services are provided throughout the Wisconsin area. The Lab also holds milk, food and water lab certification by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and Consumer Protection. CTL also provides food testing services, as FDA vitamin A certified. Food Laboratory provides many other microbiological and compositional food testing services, including nutritional testing for full and partial label requirements.

CTL Foods is a manufacturing company; a dairy plant license and food processor, HACCP certified facility. CTL blends and packages the famous Soda Fountain® Malted Milk Powder and other high quality food products enjoyed by consumers all over the world. Both Companies complement each other with the diversified services each provides. CTL Lab and CTL Foods combined have total annual sales of over $5 million. Together, CTL Lab and Foods employ 38 employees.