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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-28-2013

Late summer sunshine and warm weather returned this week. Residents were able to take advantage and get out in the courtyards. Leona Ubbelohde visited with many friends on Sunday. Friends and family could be seen enjoying the new building. We have so many different areas to meander through.

On Monday morning Sue led the devotions/reading/ current events and exercise. She likes to think of it as food for the Soul, Mind and Body! The REX classes at 1PM and 6PM were well attended as usual. They have become part of our everyday activity routine and residents look forward to these programs. In the afternoon the Square was set up and ready for the “Off to the Races”. We have a race track with 10 horses. Each of the horses has a name and bio and is from a different country. Residents are given $ 500.00. Bets are placed and then it’s off to the races. Agnes Harvey was the big winner this week.

On Tuesday morning Cathy led devotion/ reading /exercise.  Cathy keeps everyone up-to-date on the news from the local newspapers. The Square became Bingo Hall in the afternoon as residents filled the room.  It is so nice to have the Square as our activity area. 3:30 rolled around and the Square became “The Pub” as everything was ready for Happy Hour. Larry the Cable Guy‘s cheeseburger chips were the big hit!

On Wednesday morning Pastor Schroetter led the Church service. Communion was served. Delores Huber played the piano. In the afternoon the Beauty Shop opened for Beauty Boutique.

On Thursday morning the Volleyball players lined up and Sue and Sierra were here to help. In the afternoon Teak was here doing special hand messages and “Magic Mary” AKA Mary Faeber entertained everyone with her colorful music and manner.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel Sing. Once again the talented Deloris Huber was our pianist. In the afternoon Dime Bingo was the featured program. Volunteer Linnea Thompson was here this week helping with Bingo, Church, Magic Mary’s program, and Dime Bingo. Linnea also reads to several residents and plays cards with others.

On Saturday playing Hollywood in the Square was well attended. Many family members and residents could be seen visiting in the courtyards.

Our Grand Opening Celebration is on Thursday, September 5th from 4 to 6PM with the Dedication Ceremony at 4:30. Come and enjoy a tour, music and great food! That is just a little of what we did this week here in the land of Colfax where the men are hanging beautiful pictures and the women are hanging classy clocks!