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Colfax Commercial Club approves bylaws, elects officers

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Members of the Colfax Commercial Club approved bylaws and elected officers at the August 22 meeting.

The officers of the Colfax Commercial Club are Scott Gunnufson (president); Mark Johnson (vice president); Jackie Ponto (treasurer); LeAnn Ralph (secretary).

 According to the bylaws, the goal of the Commercial Club is to “promote and celebrate the business community of the Village of Colfax.”

The bylaws establish the executive board as the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer along with one member appointed by the officers.

The executive board, among other duties, is authorized to spend up to $500 without receiving prior authorization of the club.

Membership dues will be $20 per business or $10 per individual member, and regardless of when a business or individual joins the club, the dues will be paid in full for each calendar year of membership.

Meetings will generally be held on Thursdays in the evening.

One of the first tasks of the Colfax Commercial Club will be planning the village’s sesquicentennial celebration July 17 through July 20 in 2014.

Other business

In other business, the Colfax Commercial Club:

• Approved a logo for the Colfax Sesquicentennial.

• Approved ordering 500 letterhead sheets and 500 envelopes with the logo to be used in sending thank you letters to those who contributed start-up funds and solicitations for members and for additional funding.

• Learned that Pat Eggert, Susan Hill, Troy Knutson, and Mona Thorson have volunteered to work on the committee for historical displays and contests.

The Colfax Commercial Club meets next on Thursday, September 12, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Buck Snort on Main Street in Colfax.