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Colfax Health and Rehab – 8-21-2013

The summer sunshine, the soft breezes and the visitors like Leona Ubbelhode were enjoyed by all the residents on Sunday. Family, friends and residents could be seen in the court yards visiting and relaxing.

 On Monday morning the pace quickened after breakfast. Residents came to the Square for Devotions, reading of current events and exercise. Sue always has a bit of insight to share with everyone at these gatherings. In the afternoon we had a mid-month Resident Council Meeting. What a contrast it was to the meeting the day before we moved. Residents had only a few concerns. For the most part everyone attending the meeting was very pleased with their new home.

Tuesday’s activity programs have remained the same. Devotion, reading and exercise in the morning followed by Bingo in the afternoon. Happy Hour in the Square is also offered every Tuesday after Bingo. Linnea helped were needed all afternoon. Linnea also reads books to resident on a one to one basis. It would be wonderful to have more volunteers who have a few hours a week to read and visit with residents on a one to one basis. Just stop in and talk to Penny or call 715-962-3639 for more information.

On Wednesday Pastor Sands from Hay River & Ridgeland Lutheran Churches led the Worship service. Delores Huber was our pianist. It was back to the Square in the afternoon. Rich Schroeder’s melodious voice satisfies the soul! After supper River Boat Randy entertained in both the East and West Ridge Dining rooms. Randy is a music therapist who plays the guitar and gives an interactive show. The residents participate and always look forward to his visits.

On Thursday morning the volleyball players lined up in the square. It was great fun and great exercise too! In the afternoon the green frogs (bean bags) were ready and waiting when residents arrived. Beans Bag Toss players are very competitive. The frogs hopped and dropped around the room for the better part of an hour. Coffee and cookies topped off the program.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the gospel sing. Deloris accompanied them on the piano. Linnea was here to help. Dime Bingo and the vending cart kept many busy all afternoon. Merle and Linnea helped with Bingo.

Saturday was another nice day, with amply sunshine and family visits to keep everyone in good spirits. That is about it here the land of Colfax where the men are strong and the women are still good looking!